Set temple move it selfs when upgrading

dunno why this is the first time it happens,.
the temple moved itself about one foundation forward from its original position.

any tricks and workaround to make it stay in the desirable position?

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Confirmed, the Alter also moves forward on Ps4 when upgrading to tier 3

No workarounds to fix it for a player to keep it from jumping. The only thing I can suggest, to make sure it doesn’t blow up on upgrade, is to ensure you have ample space around it before you upgrade from tier 2 to tier 3.

For what it’s worth, I’ve already taken a look at this and reported a potential fix to Funcom just a short while ago (thanks to another players bug report about it that I just happened to read on reddit).

the weird thing is it doesnt happen all the time, so no idea what triggers it. the one thing i did different is that i hit the upgrade buttom from t2 TO T3 and ran out of there, the one it did not move i was in front of it.

could be related?

It’s always moved forward for me when I tested in solo play designing my alter base and in the multiplayer game …official PvE server and solo no mods. But then I’ve never stood in front of it as it upgraded as I know that can make it despawn if it fails to place the upgrade.
Both the Set and Ymir alter moves forward about one foundation block upon upgrade from t2 to t3 … both of which have been reported on these forums multiple times. One of the Ymir reports caught Jens attention…

still needs fix…

I stood next to mine. it moved too. But its not only Set.
Ymir and Mitra moves too, either from T1>T2 or from T2>T3

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we have fixed it internally. That means that it is fixed in an internal build of the game, and will be added either to an update to Testlive, or a full patch on live in the future.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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