Set tier 3 upgrade to vanish

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug |
Region: exiled lands

Spent more time playing after getting screwed out of time spent farming due to things constantly bugging out and disappearing. Then to lose orbs because of some exploit which I was completely unaware of, so instead of looking into the problem LAZY devs remove all, and honestly why would you punish those on a PvE server anyways. Your sense of preserving an already fragile community due to your own absolute negligence of trying to releasing a completed game is beyond absurd. Yea I’m pissed Yea I’m complaining Yea you trolls are going to post some asinine responses I applaud you for defending garbage . Keep your noses brown with the defecation in your face.

I come back putting these things aside and try to spend my time finishing some projects only to get more frustrated. I put resources into my temple to upgrade to tier 3 Set and it disappears completely in front of my eyes … not decay … not a patch … just pay to vanish your hard work … cool … another failed endeavor and more reason to recommend anyone not to support this game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
4.nothing to show for it except HATE

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Fallout 76 is coming, people Will vanish from this game asap. This game is Far from being worth of the Conan Brand.

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