Setting up a server questions

just curious being a long time player on officials on consoles i finally opted to get a personal server
20 slot ps4 server with gportal

got a few other people ive played with who may play here and there as well and there are some things i would like to do

the questions i got are as follows

1 is there a way to build structures that will function as part of the map, with no ownership , no decay , no destruction or purge worries , essentially additions to the map without worrying about upkeep all the time and it being tied to whoever builds it (or owned by me)

example building map rooms at all obilisks a welcome center and an arena for server events …in different locations around the map

now it would be nice to build all map rooms and administration buildings before allowing any players to join essentially making a back up template to save with gportal for any future resets after allowing players to join

any suggestions from other console server owners , admins etc?

this leads me to my other quandary…

or question 2

is there any way to fully back up your own ps4 server , the problem being gportal will only keep a server back up file for 3 months

so what happens in 4 months when i need to reset my server to just fresh with map rooms already placed ?

not having access to the ability to download, permanently store, toggle or template one backup file really sucks

i ask these because i would like to set up the server and play as a virgin player without using admin after i set up the server , at least for personal reasons …i like the game enough to grind it out lol besides then i can tweak settings when needed knowing how the grind works in real play

just curious if anyone can offer any kind of insight or tricks or tips when working with console server admin

this makes me want to go back to pc

lack of mods is killing me and server admin controls need revamping and some expandingand additions

ugh love the game but come on guys !! keep adding to this crazy dream !!

I play on the XBOX # 2996 PvP 40 slots.

The administrator is limited is not the same as the PC, you configure in the gportal application that will open an http link with the setup,

Then on the console you can ADM to create NPC things and items, and some cheating advantages, if you want to test, there to play normal, and just re-enter the game and not activate the administrator.

  • But even with ADM enabled you have no right to build where you want the rule applies to all players.

In the console is all more limited, you can not edit files, control backups, no mods.

To restore backups just by opening a ticket.

Renew the ‘credit’ of the server before the deadline that it will expire, then your server will not go down.

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Well with two users on my ps4 at least now I can build everything with the admin user, so even looking with a repair hammer has no link to my main account and then just use that ps ID for admin only

Keeps things separate, sure I could cheat on the main account but I would like to able to keep those things separate entities

Really hope one day they get to make the admin panel a little more in depth and actually fix some of the gportal settings that do not work through gportal like stamina multiplier

And give a detailed update to the functionality wiki that is severely outdated and lacking

The problem I see is gportal allows no ability to ftp to your server on any console

You can save game your server to your 50 Gb cloud and you can see the dB file list but there is no way to copy, access or edit any of those files… All you get is a list of savegame files in the backup section the dB files you can see in gportal admin page with the server stopped

But still have no access to them download or upload wise

It would be so much much easier to be able to use a pc to run a console server ugh

So in essence your using your pc to ftp through the ps4 by connecting to the direct gportal server ip address?

I can see the files on gportal dB 1-36 if the server is stopped I just can not manipulate them in any way through gportals interface

Interesting I have been searching how to do it and all I can find is it will only work for pc otherwise privacy issues for console has Xbox and Sony making gportal block ftp connection for console servers…

I mean where there is a will there has to be a way and with ps5 coming out seriously what it the big deal, there is always a method it’s just finding it :joy: