Several bug repots to list. (PC) What I encountered so far playing 3.0

  1. cant drink healing potions at random (oddly hopping on a horse and getting off it is a temporary fix)

  2. Chest from world bosses being empty or unable to interact and loot.

  3. My fallower gets stuck under the mesh when fighting one of the dragon bosses in Unamed City.

  4. Enemy NPC’s get stuck behind the mesh in Sinners Refuge.

  5. While I was in the process of making a Elevator, stacking foundations to line it up. I discoverd you can go underground / under the game mesh when you are falling ang build where you are bout to land at the same time.

  6. When i log in it displays my invi as empty, or sometimes shows all my stuff but at zero weight capacity. (Note: it fixes itself when i move something around in my inventory)

  7. sometimes when using the fallower move command my horse merges with me and it can be difficult to get out of his mesh. ( Till i crouch to fix it. only works when im on flat ground)

Hello @Syvain and welcome to our community!

Thank you for reporting these issues to us, but please make sure to use the given Bug Report Template.

This template has most of the information we need to start investigating and will make the process a lot quicker for everyone :smile:

You can find it here: NEW Bug Report Template

Thanks in advance!