Several clans united to destroy me

several clans came together to destroy a poor sorcerer on the 2120 xbox server, is it lega? They are accusing me of using roof stacks to be able to defend myself, I play with what Funcom gives me, I don’t know anything about what they accuse me of

Sounds like you’ll want to find a new server

Yes, and I have no idea why you would even think it isn’t.

a band of tribes uniting against an evil sorcerer, sounds great.


simple I feel at a disadvantage fighting 2 clans alone

Bounce around a few severs recruiting solos and other small groups. You may get lucky and mesh well with them and then go back and wipe those same guys giving you trouble.


Just leave dude. Go to another server and start over. Make friends and find friendly gamers elsewhere.

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If you don’t want to fight alone, make more friends than enemies.

It might be hard for him in this server. Not every gamer is nice and open to being supportive. I’ve met many buttheads in servers. I think if he is being bullied he should bail and find a nicer server. There’s no changing what he is going through in his current server.

I understand, but make the move for greener pastures.

My GT is CommanderKailyn. I can try to help you.

Thank you guys for your comments, they help me. I would like to clarify, is roof stacking to defend oneself legal? I try to defend myself, if not, I would not be able to contain them

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I think stacking might be a problem. The community might be able to weigh in on that one.

I have no idea exactly what roof stacking is, but it sounds like something that is prohibited (because it causes extreme lag) and can lead to getting banned if reported.

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Sounds like a literal witch-hunt.

Being good at a game is only one aspect. You need to be well equipped and well connected as well. As Jimbo said, you need to work on making more friends than enemies. Either that or capitulating.

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Actual ceiling stacking similar to the distance fence stacking used to be is most likely bannable. They never fixed it which is strange that being said even if you follow the rules to a T you can still get banned from false reports or spam reports.


It’s sad, but true. Especially from the Xbox servers. Ban first, attack second while you’re stuck twiddling your thumbs for a week or two.

Roof stacking falls into the gray area of the rules at this point. It’s not explicitly banned, but could get your base deleted if someone reports it for being lag intensive or something


I don’t remember this being against the ToS.

Probably because it wasn’t about the stacked walls but the stacked doors that were the issue. Roof stacking methods prevent the massive layers of hatch doors as you have to skip a “row” to add the next door. Plus there is only so much stacking you can do because the layers of ceiling tiles still need anchor spots. It’s practically self limiting in that sense.

@erjoh Are you saying it’s not bannable? I’m confused

I was the builder for my clan and I can assure you what you say about hatch’s has easy work arounds

TBH, I don’t know. I will say that the layers I use (3) don’t remotely create a lag event and provide some level of security with an elevator. As long as it’s done in moderation and with the intent that you aren’t creating something that prevents play, I don’t see it being a problem but that’s just a player perspective.