Several Improvements/bugs


Found some Bugs and stuff for Improvements.

  • AI Improvements
    Slaves fighting without Weapons instead using Swords or Bows placed in their Mainhand/Inventory
    NPCs using attacks that normally should be stuck. Falling to the ground and instantly moves Up and attacks.
    Also i hit an human enemy, then it should struggle but uses heavy attacks that should not bei possible.

  • Server Queue
    Click refresh and Ninja Join. Thats my Business in the evening. Would prefer to Play.

  • Emote Loop
    I need to kick if i want to cancel an Emote like dance. Also iam able to spin around like a crazed up whirl while in several emotes (move the View camera).

  • collision
    Iam often stuck within enemys. Mostly on greater Enemys like Bears or Rhinos.

  • Not able to delete map marks

Creo que también deberían de tomar como referente el menú de acceso rápido de ARK, me parece mucho mejor y más rápido.