Several of the official servers on my favorite list are offline

G-Portal issue?

Anyone seeing this?

They are back online but with 230+ latency…

I just ran a trace on one of the servers… I am in the midwest USA, why is it going through Germany at one point?!

Tracing route to

Hop Time Host IP Location
3 1.187 Newport Beach, California, United States
4 32.186 San Clemente, California, United States
5 0.436 Orange, California, United States
6 2.107 Northridge, California, United States
7 2.653 New York, New York, United States
8 57.968 Germany
9 59.151 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
10 58.524 Ashburn, Virginia, United States
21 N/A United States

Issue is resolved apparently. I ran a new trace and it no longer goes through Europe… weird!

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