Several placeables deploy problems some are very old. please fix

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Server type: all
Region: server 1930

some placeables are EXTREMELY hard to place… here are a few :’

  1. pallisades, the big ones , very hard to place and impossible to put it as you might want or would make sense, (try to make a line of them in front of your wall., (impossible to do) this has been broken at least 5 months ago if not more.

  2. food pots : the pots base size is one foundation, it cant be placed in a single foundation, it was possible, to do so, but in one of those hotfixes funcom changed it/bugged it , and it is now impossible to place in a single foundation as it is supposed to do , to do it now you need to put one foundation and another one in front of it. it cant be centered anymore.

  3. animal pens : they are not easy to drop, it takes a lot of patience and practice to do it right. several error of clipping with something when there is clearly nothing clipping, (except foundation and ceiling pieces) .

  4. yog temple requires a much bigger circle of foundation that it was required a few patches ago, dunno if it changed…

might add more when i remember or find something else.

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Thanks for the list :slight_smile:

  1. I checked this, along with all the other religious buildings the other day. It no longer moves from going to tier 1, tier 2, to tier 3. Were you referencing a different bug on this one? If so, I can dig a bit deeper.

the religious one, its just when you land it. yog requires a much larger circle than it is required .

Ah okay, so you are saying that when placing a tier 1, it requires much more room around it then the size would indicate.

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll send it to our team :slight_smile:

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exactly that.,

can you please confirm the other 3 points and confirm it @Multigun thanks!

By confirm, if you mean I understand your descriptions then yes.

I’ll get my investigatory hat on and take a look to see what I can find.

i meant if you were able to confirm those issues (point 1 , 2, and 3 exist in the game) :slight_smile:

Oh I haven’t taken a look into any of them yet. I usually test it out in-game, test it out in the dev kit, then play around with the various stuffs for each object to see what I can find, then make a report. So ya, I’ll be taking a look :slight_smile: But first, sleep time, cause its 6AM and Multi has been up all night and banging his head into the keyboard because he can’t figure out a mod problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Multi does the trebuchet base still disappear if you don’t place it right? Back in EA if you placed the trebuchet base on land (no foundation) it would just disappear and you had to make another one

I have no idea, but I’ll add it to my list. Currently knee deep in a mod project I’m trying to complete before testlive becomes live. Also, I should be asleep, but here I am, again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks appreciate it!

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