Several questions (slaves, Unique NPC killed...)



Thanks a lot.

You all say “thralls” but there is no word in French to name the thralls. In French, thrall means “servitude”, in other words “slave”.

But for you, thrall is a NPC (human) that can potentially become a slave, is that it? And it can be a warrior like a blacksmith, isn’t it ?

The appellations T1, T2 … T4 (T4 is the max, yes ?) correspond to the skill level of the thrall, yes ?

I heard that there was another hierarchy over that of the Thirds X: novice, veteran, sidekick … etc, I do not know the exact hierarchy, is there also this hierarechy, in addition to the T (X) ?


I think “thrall” is the official name of them.
In german its “Leibeigener” which is basically a slave as well.
(Oh, and do go correcting me there. I know its a little more complicated than that.)

When speaking of thralls, its usually the owned thralls which are meant. Maybe I abuse the word for them.
Technically animals and monsters are NPCs as well. Maybe that is the reason I use “thrall” for human NPCs which are potential slaves. But I guess the most important point is me refusing to acknowledge a bunch of these digits as “human”.

In english and german, those thralls/npcs are called like “zingarian archer I”.
T4 covers all thralls/npcs which got a name instead of such a generic name. (Which would be worth a suggestion. To call them apprentice, journeymen, master and then usual named instead of I-III and then named.)
Same applies to building pieces:
Sandstone being t1.
Isolated wood and brick being t2.
Reinforced brick, black ice, khitan and aquilonian being t3.

There is a single place where a example of that is being shown. Try the slavers at that one wheel in Seperemu. (Set city, where the set priest spawn is.)
They got those titles instead of I-III.


OK thanks


I would like to make a mini-mod to add (overwrite, exactly) a command in the file “game.ini” which will not be reset at any time, after disconnection of the client or other.

But as the content of “game.ini” can change in any way, with or without personal modification, I want my new “game.ini” to have a command that refers to the original file (game.ini) in the original file folder.

Some commands are reset as soon as you click Settings in the game.

I just wish a particular command does not change.

So by creating a file “game.ini” with the reference to the original file and my order (command) in question, it will never change again.

Anyone know how to do that ?


What does the green arrow pointing down on the icons of weapons and armor (and perhaps other items) mean ?


tu l’as dit toi même “serviteur” / “esclave” mais 80% du temps quand on parle de thralls on utilise le mot “thrall” même entre français, et même si c pas évident à pronnoncer .

Nuria t’s donné pas mal de réponses. Si y a des choses qui sont tjs pas claires pour toi, hésites pas , j’me ferais un plaisir de t’éclairer.
mais les mods j’ai jamais essayé d’en faire moi même donc, là …sorry

allez, à + et bon game mec !


Merci. Tu sais ce que signifie la flèche verte sur les items ? Ne serait-ce pas lié à un DLC que j’ai pas ?

Si j’achète les DLC j’aurai accès à ces items, c’est ça ?


ah oui ça doit être ça en effet, si tu la vois sur des items genre “fondation aquilonienne, fondation kithan ou épée à 2 mains aquilonienne” c bien des items du dlc… perso ça me dit rien. après je sais que chaque item correspond à tel ou tel dlc donc c pour ça que j’me suis jamais posé la questet que j’ai jamais prêté attention à cette flèche en question.
si t’as tjs des doutes la prochaine fois que tu joues, fais nous un screen et vient le poster ici, comme ça, on pourra te dire direct ce que ç’est.

allez bon jeu l’ami !



Oui, c’est bien ça, j’ai acheté les 2 petits DLC, sauf la Barbarian Edition, et les items (armes et armures essentiellement, peut-être aussi les pièces de construction, c’est possible, j’ai pas vérifié) et la flèche a disparu et je peux donc les fabriquer (sans dépenser de points d’aptitudes je crois), c’est surtout cosmétique / esthétique, y a quelques différences de dégâts et d’armure sur certains, mais pas tous.

Et y a bien de l’aquilonien, du kithan…etc.

Certaines armes et armures sont jolies et assez stylées…, mais ça dépend des goûts de chacun.

Bon jeu à toi aussi. :slight_smile:


What is the max level ? 60 or 100 ?


without mods = lvl 60


OK thanks.


you’re very welcome :smiley:


I have another question :

Build, agility useless or not…?

Some players (among youtubers, I do not play yet on an online server, but it may come later) seem to put more agility points than others, and conversely, they do not put any point in agility when they create the build of their warrior, saying that agility is of little use, except for archers and adjustments of armor points, in order to reach armor landing (level) in a specific build.

I also found that each level (10, 20, 30 …) in agility increases armor by 20 pts, it’s not much, it’s true, but hey, it’s still 20 pts, it’s up to you to tell me if it’s worth it or not.

On the other hand, I also noticed that, apparently, a dodge consumes less stamina with more agility and the distance covered by dodging (jumping sideways or backwards, rolling … etc.) is greater with more agility. And since heavy armor reduces dodge, agility decreases this dodge penalty, and the endurance penalty consumed for each dodge.

So I would like to know what you think. Is it true or not ?


No answer ??? (question above about agility)

Another Question :

I have noticed that when one develops one’s base, when one enlarges it and places buildings like altars (temples) of gods … etc, the resources around disappear (vegetation, trees, groves of harvestable plants and herbs, stone, branches on the ground … etc.)

In the neighborhood I also have iron, but a distance a little distant.

  • So I wonder if I place walls and other buildings close to the iron, will the iron also disappear like stone or herbs ?


i don’t think many players use a agility build. You see, although my character is supposed to be agile (zammorian thief armor + daggers) my build is a mostly strenght build with some other attributes raised enough to be pretty well rounded (like encombrance/ vitality/grit), i have only 3 or 4 points into agility.
so it’s very related to your playstyle and only a player who have tried all possible builds in depth can answer your quest imo. i’m sure you may find a descent answer to your quest by browsing videos on youtube, i have no idea but it might well be the case.

Everything i can tell you if i’m not mistaken is that agility adds to your armor rating value and maybe to your stamina usage as well (someone may confirm that or not…).
Check all the perks available in this tree and think how helpfull they could be in your way you play the game.

For me there are higher priorities as perks to get than the ones available in the agility attribute (the damage bonus you get from strenght perks can help you greatly if you fight a lot / the temperature protect bonus isn’t bad either and one of the most important one for me is the vitality regen perk which can be really handy especially inbetween fights). But again it all comes down to your playstyle.

Depending on your landclaim radius settings the ressources available near your base WILL DESPAWN (disappear for good untill there are no buildings in range of these ressources anymore), that’s a fact and a game mechanic, so you better take that into consideration when you are building if you want to keep “easy sources of materials” at your disposal when you will be needing those.


OK, thanks.

It’s 2 people who talk to me about territorial claim radius. In concrete terms, how does this land claim work ? (on a server)


in short, the closer to the ressources (like iron for ex) your buildings will be the more likely to disappear they will be next time you log in or when i get out of range of the cell.
if you want to know the accurate numbers you have to look at this setting: “landsclaim radius” and try things out.
BUT, with vanilla settings (default settings) you should make the ressource despawn when you buildings are about 20 meters to close. So if you build like 30 -40 meters away from these ressources, they should not despawn / disappear.


OK thanks, I wil try, and see where is this setting lol


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