Severe stuttering in New Asagart

Does anyone still have huge stuttering in New Asagarth? I still have, however my game was on both HDD and SSD. My GPU is not the strongest (RX 580 4GB), but medium-high settings I can have 40-60 FPS everywhere even in the Volcano and in the northern forests. These 2 places were horrible to go through when the game ran on HDD.
But New Asagarth and one mound in the Mounds of the dead is basically unplayable.
My experience is that highly populated areas that contain a lot of placeables such as building pieces, furniture, decoratives, etc. in a small, compacted area are the culprit, but I don’t know how.

I google’d it a while ago, and helped to gain some FPS back, but after reinstalling the game onto my SSD I lost (I left them on the HDD and just formatted it…) all of my saved config files and links to solutions.

Important notes: my CPU handles the game easily, barely goes over 20% usage, 16GB DDR4 @3000Mhz RAM, Win 10 Pro are the other members of the PC gang, and all of my drivers are up-to date. The problem occurs with and without mods, those do not seem to have any impact on FPS.

So my question is: if you gals/guys had any problems, what did you do to solve this?

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