Severe xbox one lag issue ongoing

Game mode: [Online | pvp]
Problem: [Crash
Region: [north america]

Just wanted to mention that if there are 10 or more people on the server i cant log in for more than 15 seconds before getting automatically kicked out. I would like to add this issue has been ongoing for many months, perhaps years and is the reason me and my friend quit playing originally as neither of us could log on to a server and play the game. Now I am running into the same problem having to find something else to do at 7:14 pm cst when I want to be playing conan. Love the game guys but this is a pretty serious issue made me quit the game once and I hope it doesn’t force me to start playing something else again. Hoping you guys can fix this one. Cheers

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Stalwart_Survivor, welcome to the forums and thank you for your feedback!

We’re terribly sorry that you’re facing these issues, however, we’ll need more information in order to assist you in sorting this matter out.

What server are you having trouble playing in?
Do you also face similar issues in other servers or in Single Player?

Have you tried reinstalling the game or clearing the console’s cache?
Does your system exhibit any issues playing other demanding games?

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