Severed Arm Weapons

Guys i’ve got a big Problem! the severed Arm Weapons are hold on the hand not on the severed part. so you think “Yeah thats the right Way to hold a severed hand” NO i want to slap the Enemy with her own hands right in the Face ! preferably with some bud spencer hitting sounds ! :wink: so anybody the same opinion as me?

All the severed arms and legs are white. Guess whitey had to pay. The payment is limbs.

Should have said “and it cost them an arm and a leg” (what’s wrong with me)

I give all of my dancers severed limbs to hold.

You gave them a leg up in fighting other dancers.


Hah. They just wave them around while dancing in the base.

Too bad we can’t give them a heads up.

Armed dancers seem dangerous as far as entertainment goes

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Dancers with daggers.