SFP Modded Exiles - PC PvP/LVL300/EEWA/PIPPI

We host a modded and admin supported server for Conan Exiles on PC.
Server Name: SFP Modded Exiles
Region: America
Level 300 Player Level
Level 50 Thrall/Pet Level
Full PvP server
PvE extended endgame
Virtual Economy
Website supported: SFPModdedExilesdotcom
Discord supported: discord.gg/KDqPNCS

A Little About SFP!!!
SFP is a home base for all gamers, of all types. SFP’s primary goal and vision is to encompass every aspect of gaming for its members. We provide a family feel and host many different game nights and events. We are new and have tons of experience in gaming and running clans. We are here to stay! Thank you for choosing SFP.
Here at SFP, we want our members to be able to have fun. You can talk to other members in the general chat, share images, or talk in a voice channel.
SFP has multiple chances for you to have fun while gaming. We have channels to find people to play with, and in the future, will also have pro teams. We currently support Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League and many other great games.
SFP also has a chance for streamers and youtubers to share and promote their content. If you aren’t a streamer or youtuber, it’s still a great chance to find some new content and have fun watching it.
SFP hosts weekly events for multiple games. All you need to do in order to participate is join our server using the invite below and be a member.
You can join by joining our discord - discord.gg/KDqPNCS. Within the discord server you can chat with the community and learn more about becoming a member of SFP.
Below are our competitive teams. We are always looking for new members.
Alpha Team (Rainbow Six Siege) is a competitive and family oriented Rainbow Six Siege team looking for players who are dedicated and passionate about competitive Rainbow Six Siege. They have one goal and that is to go pro.
Alpha Team (Rocket League) is a team that is determined to rise fast and go big. We consider our teammates like family and we always play with each other and always get along. A big focus of ours is doing call outs, and learning proper rotations. We attempt to better ourselves and our team together every day with new strategies, and we are always looking for new members.
Alpha Team (COD:Modern Warfare) are the elite of the elite that SFP has to offer. These members are dedicated individuals who will work to compete with major E-Sports teams. They hold practices 3-4 times a week and hold many events.