SFX audio lets your game randomly freeze

Game mode: Official Server
Problem: Performance

Whenever you try to enter the first area/biome the game starts to stutter/lag and freezes for several seconds. Audio makes stutter voices and walking backwards into the desert fixes this.

Semi-solution: Turn OFF SFX in your audio settings. Playing without audio kills the game btw.

My System:

AMD FX-6100
Nvidia GTX 1050ti

its a gamebreaking situation many players probably suffer and i hope you fix this asap.

  • checking game files via Steam doesnt work.
  • updating and downgrading graphics driver doesnt work.

– in february 2017 the game ran totally smooth with the same system.

Repro steps:

  1. enter first area
  2. leave area
  3. enter first area

Yes we are getting this at the oasis of nekhet just at the tip of the most northern crater pond, it gets worse as time goes on and we build more, never experienced this with any other large builds. The entire area becomes filled with the sound of alotta roaring from creatures and my frame rate will go from 60 to 4 and i can’t move every few steps. This is on a private server. Other players on our server are having similar ambient sound issues in various places of the map and describe it just as i did, but this happens only after building something.