[Shade] Equiping pande belt at 200

Heya all, i need your help.
I saw an opi shade that were wearing pande belt and ql 300 NCU xan. He had been wearing for LOT of month and been petitioned then it must be legit.

I’m trying to do same i use theorical setup auno ID = 207811
With usual perk setup for CL i can mange
with tutoring
with 10 intel contract
with gauntlet buff
with can abilities and CL

1 672.75 CL.

The only way i see: Rejected Brain Spirit of Computer Skill. But it isn’t ingame -_- or i missed something (a quest or anything).
Ty in advance

Not sure if you accounted for these:
The version of the brain spirit in auno doesn’t have the complit, so you get +25 there.
Apotheosis 1 (level 200 req) gives you +50 complit.
The ability and complit trickle from research, which gives +8 and +35, respectively.

I don’t think that spirit is ingame.

How this works? I think you have to save and share link to us :thinking: Atleast didn’t find anything from auno with this id.

What breed you use? opi gets slightly more cl than trox. And like srompu said, you are missing few things :wink: It’s doable i think, dont forget cl pistols etc.

Heya both

1672.75 = with syndicate brain +25 cl and apotheosis 1. I made calc being loged in on shade and with auno setup.
Opi/atrox don’t change a lot i mean if opi can do 1800 atrox should be able to do 1750.

You cant put link in new forum it seems. /equip.php/?saveid=207811

You can find the equip for an Atrox 200 Shade to put this on here:
TNH Belt on 200 Shade

It ends up with 1750.25 CL after it’s all done without doubling a CL tutoring device. This allows some wiggle room.


Thanks @Legendfluff for that, need to save it for future use :slight_smile:

@dritst send tell to zeta or any bot with “what buffs cl” btw, and check you have all what you can wear.

Damn i love you !

But the 640 base skill CL include the 400 int from base?
then it is actually 1650,25? (1574 CL from setup + 76. 25 (305 int /4)

Thank hulluporo too, i’m just trying to find the “secret”/“unthinked” items/buff i had forget to manage this damn belt :stuck_out_tongue:

You know… I didn’t think of that. I was putting it all together on Aoskills, but I wasn’t thinking when I threw it on excel. Lemme check :worried:

Edit: you’re right! Good point, even with somehow doubling the Tutoring devices, I don’t know that omni atrox shade got the TNH belt on.