[SHADE] Weapon Help


Hi all,
I recently returned after a long time gone. This time around I decided I wanted to try a class I never played, nor ever even thought about playing0 so I chose a shade. I have to say I am loving it! The problem I find myself running into is finding weapons to upgrade to. I am currently using Bronto Lancets several levels below my character. but they are the best dps I can find and still allow me to fight mobs 5-8 levels above me. I check the Shere garden daily for better, but have done this for at least a week with no luck. The only other option I see right now is the Squibber (?) that can be bought at shops but requires a large investment in Brawling which is dark blue to me. I have reviewed the Comprehensive Shade Guide, which is awesome, but many of the weps listed in there I cannot obtain and older guides offer weapons that are much poorer than the lancets. The player market terminals seem to be underused these days for selling, or at least selling what I am looking for.

Can any experienced Shades offer some possible advice? Is there other options or other places that sell Shade weps via terminal/vendor?




What level are you? Some nice weapons that come to mind:

These drop in the subway from workmen and can be bought, usually for cheap. Good for levels 15-35.

These are from Steps of Madness, which will require help at low level. If you find someone on OOC or in your org these are great until level 50 and fine until 70.

Decent weapons for level 70+. These are buyable in general stores like Fairtrade with a type 070. Upgrade to 870 with a Melee Weapons Adjustment Kit, which is sold separately in the same store.

Fine weapons for after level 70, comes in Ql1-300. Usually some are available on GMS.

Similar to the Kyr’ozch ones. These can be bought for Victory Points. If you upgrade them to Mk6 they’re better than Kyrzch weapons of the same requirements, but the upgrades can be expensive.



Hi Saavick and thanks. I am level 88, about to be 89. I am subbed, and do have some credits from my previous time in AO. I do have a 201 MP, but am not playing him because I have been away so long I wouldn’t know where to start. Just wanted to begin again fresh. I looked for the Kyro stuff, but way to expensive on the market and I get the feeling Alien events no longer happen and I went to the alien mission place but it was empty. I appreciate the info and will try and keep an eye out. Will also look into maybe getting into an org so there ate opportunities to group.



I just checked and the Kyr’ozch Energy Rapiers on GMS are indeed way overpriced. You could try make some buyorders for like 10m each maybe?



Don’t worry too much about your weapons at low level, your perks do the talking at the moment.

At level 89 you’re totally fine using fear forged blades until 151 when you get the special edition kyr weapons.



Thanks Guys! I was able to go get a pair of fear-forged daggers. This should last awhile.
Appreciate the info.



you could also get one of these nice weapons from the mantis den, they are free and enable the Brawl special attack.

the ql 120 isnt uncommon, if you go there looking for mantis armor mats you will find a lot of these.
mantis armor is also nice damage boosting gear for a shade your level. you could easily clear that area with your MP and log in your shade when a mantis blade drops, and end up with a good set of armor as well. you just need to find a tradeskiller to craft it for you.



Fear forged are one of the easiest weapons to get for low level shade, they’re in the 2nd room of SoM. Stand just inside the door where the Spider is and have another high level kill it, very easy.