Shadowlands FREE STARTER PACK for all new players

Come and join “Dogs of the Desert” growing pvp community for good game play, well thought out tournaments and brilliant server performance not to mention the best admins around.

New players always welcome

[RU/EU] Shadowlands [PvP][H3/XP3][]

  • Started : Friday 27th Nov '20
  • Map (Exile Land)
  • Player cap: 70
  • Clan Size 5
  • Farm rate: x3
  • XP Rate: x3
  • Friendly Fire damage: 1
  • Building damage: 1
  • Crafting time: 0.5
  • Thrall conversion time: 0.5
  • Followers Limit - 5
  • No Horse PvP
  • Decay System 4 Days

Server Restart Times
05:00 UK / 06:00 German
18:00 UK / 19:00 German

Monday - Friday 1h
19-20 Uk Time.
20-21 German Time.

Saturday 3h
19-22 Uk Time.
20-23 German Time.
22-01 Moscow Time.

Raid is Disabled on Sundays Chill Day! (We always try to do some Events)


Come and play on the best dedicated Conan pvp server in Europe, amazing performance with admin that have thousands of hours in the game…

One of the better EU PvP servers.


Best* :wink:


Thanks guys it means alot :+1:

top :slight_smile:

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Quick update to rules…

Rule Change
We are making a change to the Rule (PvP and Raiding/Defending Rules 8. Thrall/Horse/Pet is forbidden to be on follow During Raid time.
to 8. Thrall/Horse/Pet cannot be on Follow if Raiding/Defending. (can be on follow when farming).

The main reason is to give appotunity to new upcoming players or players with RP a chance to farm with the thrall during raid time
since they can Not engage in any raid, so they can use this time productively to farm.

3 days of Raid Protection (RP) can be granted upon joining the server, or after a substantial amount of loot lost from the raid.
Every clan is intitled to 1 extra RP day per week.
Make sure u ask Admins for this…

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Starter kits + RP for newly joined clans/players. Rebuild Packs + RP for quick recovery. Active community.

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