Shadows Isle recruitment


Hey everyone came to put a recruitment post up for a really good friend of mines server.

Shadows isle is a pvp 10x server with some pretty interesting features that set it apart as well as very minimal rules.

So first up ill cover the rules.

  1. Do not block obelisks.
  2. Do not block noob spawn.
  3. No attacking players during their 1 week grace period. (Ill go over this in just a moment!)
  4. Make a clan name any name!
    Thats it you can raid and do as you please outside of this!

So this server has some pretty interesting features and ill list some of them out for you all.

  1. Server events. (Several different kinds.)

    1. Kill the admin. If an admin is slain at any time the killer gets to keep whatever was on him. Admins do not have access to god mode or demi god mode. Which means they can be slain as easily as any other player on the server!
  2. Monster wave survival. Pretty self explanitory the admin will spawn in monsters and you kill them. Survive and you get a wonderful prize of your choice. (Some monsters aren’t even in game yet such as yeti’s and lava worms!)

  3. Raid the admin base! This one is huge. Admins build large bases and fortify them with thralls and animals then stock the base with tons of loot. The harder the base is to raid the more loot you get!

  4. 1 week grace period. When you join this server you get a 1 week grace period where no one is aloud to raid you. On a 10x server that is alot of time and you can do some pretty cool stuff with it! However the grace period ends if you raid someone.

  5. New player care packages. These contain various items most of which are of the players personal request so long as it isn’t too crazy.

  6. There was an admin shop but the admin who ran it isn’t around at this point so i don’t know if it is still running but it probably is. You can sell any item to the admin shop in exchange for gold and silver or other items. The items sold are used to stock admin bases for the admin event and are sometimes used as prizes for other events!

It should be noted that this sever is a few months old. Unfortunately we have tried to get the population up but have failed pretty bad. Not really sure why but it is what it is. So most of the map is entirely empty but there really isn’t anyone playing on it aside from myself, admins and the server owner. This server was created to give people a place to run from admin abuse as such things are not tolerated here at all.all of us are very chill and easy to get along with. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

(This is not a pay to win server. If you want to donate cool beans but my friend made it very clear he wasn’t doing packages for that.)

Tried to join but get error message saying cannot connect

(my apologize to those of you who tried to join last night. Something was up with the server i talked to the owner hopefully it will be fixed when i get home from work in a few hours.

Alright so i talked to the owner. He says that the server closes in about 3 weeks and he isn’t planning on renewing it because we were unable to get it populated. So i will look for other servers that have such things and ill let yall know.

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Working on something similar on my server WRYM,S BANE can check it out we are growing Ps4 relaxed pvp PSN sestus2009.

Sure ill stop by and see whats up.

As Shadows Isle is due to close I will give Wrym’s Bane a try.

Wrym’s Bane is an Oceania server. Which in all honesty i don’t generally have the best opinion of servers outside my region (due to lag.) However in this case i am in the middle of the usa and hardly lag on his server. Sestus was very friendly and seems very chill. For those of you able to play in Oceania servers i do suggest you check it out. (I think he is planning to make some server changes soon to how things function. If i remember right it is currently PVE And is turning into PVE-C With pvp on the weekends. (Not my personal favorite for a 10x server but still has a wonderful community which makes it worth while in my opinion. Who knows he may change things further we only chatted for a little bit.)

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