Shadows of vanaheim issue

How do you get into the castle on the 3rd leg of this quest? i couldn’t get the gate to open for the quest breaking the kegs of ale and war plans.

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And they say pvpers are rude. thanks for the “nab tip”

You know people with rl complexes sometimes do their coming out by giving themselves an attitude on the internet, it’s much deeper than a simple pvp inability…

On topic you need to loot an horn on some patrol and use in front of the gate.

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It’s the usual attitude you “only pvp players” give to the “pve scrubs fighting scripted mobs” when they step on your precious pvp content .Didn’t think it would be an issue for you guys .My deepest and sincere apologies.

Did you get the answer to your question? You do have to talk to the original NPC twice: once when you jump down and after you kill a certain mob…to advance the quest to get inside.

You have to get quest from Shieldmaiden to get a horn from a Vanir hunter. After you get the horn, you have to go back to the Shieldmaiden for a follow up quest. Take the horn and use it at the outer gate to the fortress. Kill adds on way to the inner gate… DPS inner gate to break it and voila…you’re in.

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Fixed the drama word, isn’t it exactly what it is? About cash shop boxes, you are not without knowing you can buy yourself a fully decked out pve t5 dark templar, you will just need to complete the accessories by playing the following:

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@oldfox you sound a little bitter bro. It’ll be ok.

As for everyone else, I got the answer I was after. Thanks.