Shake Me No More [EU/PvP Low Rates, No Camera Shake Mod!]

[Shake Me No More] is a low rates (1x) fresh PvP server on PC.

You might wonder, why we started a new server when there are plenty of servers. The reason is simple: We found no other server that use Camera Stabiliser mod. There are a few people, including us, who get sick, and dizzy with the game impemented camera shake when you fight or harvest, and there is no option to disable it, unless you are using the mod (or AoC mod), and no other server uses it. So if you are just like us this might be the perfect server for you! (Even if you dont get dizzy ! :slight_smile: )

We keep all rates at 1x, and enable PvP all time. Building damage is restricted to the afternoon and weekends, but right now it doesnt really matter. Right now its only the two of us playing but we play pretty like every day. If you are interested feel free to check out the server or our discord where you can find our rules (however as a PvP server we do not enforce rules, only basic ones like dont cheat for obvious reason)

Connection Info:

Discord: NmAQyx