Shambala crash&zone transision issue

I know it has been pointed out elsewhere but with a new round shambala I think it’s time to name it in here too:
In Shambala when you resurrect close to the game ending the game crashes.
Suspicion is that the reviving is one zone transision/loading screne and the game ending another one leading to the game getting confused thanks to multiple requests to port the player.
Would be nice if it could get fixed or at least looked at since it is a huge pain during every shamabala even and probably causes crashes in other instances of the game too where double ports can occure.

It’s not just Shambala, it’s every time you go to rez and a group is ported out of an instance. Like if you’re the last to die on a boss in a dungeon and the rest of the group votes to retreat when you click to respawn, but before you’re standing back up in the well, too.

It’s like the game suddenly can’t decide where it is you’re actually supposed to be spawned and you end up with a frozen loading screen.

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