*SHAMBALA* Round 3... FIGHT!



It really was a great day/night well done to Drenneth for pulling it all together at short notice, it really does go to show that there IS a demand for PVP ,the matches were back to back non stop multiple instances, personally i had great fun getting blown off the cliff , thrown off the cliff & having my face shoved in the snow.

much to my own surprise i thought , this won’t be fun , i’m only here to support the pvp community & i’ll probably not stay, but i did enjoy it & i did stay right till the very end.

Seeing alot of familiar faces popping up in the matches really brought back that feeling of nostalgia of times gone by & it’s a shame that the PVP Vets who did not come but visit this thread did not make an appearance also because this really was a time to show a united front & who knows you may even have enjoyed it , i certainly did.


Please return to original post for updated info on the NEXT Shambala Event.

For anyone that wants records from previous events let me know as I have archived that information.


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I just made a calendar entry ^^

I have tinkered about a heal build for pvp

@Drenneth thy for Organizing. We will meet in fightclub again?

please can you wear faction dress or PVP suite if available?
Its just for fluff reason, better atmosphere then.
I will wear my PVP suite or faction dress
Its just a request and would look awesome for a screen

and please tell your buds and cabal member, I advertise this event to new PVP bees so we get more meat to beat ( no pun intended )


Really like the idea of wearing PvP suits. I’ll be sure to have mine on!

Also yes fight club seems like a great place to hang out between matches worked really nicely for the EU group last time, I’ll be able to push for that a bit better next round because I intend on being a little more active in the event itself and saving the scoreboard analysis till after each period.


I will be attempting to use /chat join pvp as the primary means of communication for the Shambala Event. Event chat will be used only for call outs and perhaps final draw announcements.


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Has been a long week of Tokyo runs! Will have some finalized details on the event to post this evening will post in comments and update original post with new information being listed in bold text look forward to taking out as many limits and dragons as possible this Saturday! Be thankful friendly fire is turned off in Shambala.



Current key Tali: 103 Purple 35 Yellow 9 Red
Estimated/Goal: 160 Purple 40 Yellow 20 Red

Key Donations made from:
1.) Beyond the Veil (Antida)
2.) Withoutscratch
3.) Kinii

Final Draw prizes: 2 Intricate Fierce Glyphs, more to be decided prior to event starting
Funcom also will potentially be contributing some cosmetic rewards for the final draw. Discussion is still ongoing and details will be announced prior to start time.


that would be awesome



Seems to be a forum feature, applied to subforums? Anyhow, lots of the Conan Exiles general topics have a 10 day close, and many in SWL have 14 day.

Anyhow, I shall be here for the Europeep time.


Awesome looking forward to seeing you then! and yes Im probably just being a paranoid fool when it comes to the topic closing :slight_smile:


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FAKE NEWS blame Jezza



Current key Tali: 237 Purple 42 Yellow 9 Red
Estimated/Goal: Purple (goal met) Yellow (goal met) Red 20

Key Donations made from:
1.) Beyond the Veil (Antida)
2.) Withoutscratch
3.) Kinii
4.) Faster (48 Purple Keys)
5.) MorionR (78 Purple Keys)

Final Draw prizes: 2 Intricate Fierce Glyphs, more to be decided prior to event starting
Funcom will also be contributing some cosmetic faction based rewards! One draw will be made for each faction. See link for more info:

Templar and Lumie variations are also available.

Prizes and winners will be announced on the forums on Sunday May 13 at the latest. Funcom specific rewards will be received in game directly through Funcom (I assume via delivered items).