*SHAMBALA* Round 3... FIGHT!



38 total matches? Those numbers only represent winning matches. Even still its a little low at 50% win/lose ratio I would expect to see that number closer to 15-20


Right, I forgot that…but I am pretty sure I didn’t lose 28 anyway, I didn’t think it went that badly!


Still adding as we speak on a separate file so will update soon. Theirs a lot of duplicate screenshots to go through.


Very nice. Just the beginning of the future of Secret World Legends PVP# Thanks much to Drenneth and other contributors for the Event. Hopefully Devs will issue a PVP update in the near future. :wink:


Oh…those where winning numbers. Thought total games played…than again I played 96-97 games…(50-51 in the first batch, 46 in the second)


lol Drenneth :smiley:
The task you have there!
I had 32 blue bags after first set and im sure I had more than 4 wins. But that does not matter, I had my fun, especially to see players I havent seen a while and chit-chat with them.

You can take my name out of the prize list. I already won something, thanks to you.


Great to hear! Yes I think especially in the European time slot there were a lot more matches going on at once then I anticipated. Open to suggestions but I all ready had 6 players send me over 100 screenshots each, I think it will just have to be one of those things where it will be unrealistic to catch all the matches or even most of them. Its good to see all the activity though!


Drenneth, thanks so much for running this! It was fun, even if I don’t get any prizes!

Add me to the list of those who think the winning number is too low. I participated non-stop, playing nearly 100 games. The number for me on the sheet is 18. I’d be extremely surprised if that was accurate.

But again, even if I don’t get any prizes, it was a blast!


Only suggestion I have is to make sure the recorders stagger their queues from time to time, so there’s more chances for recorders to “jump tracks” into a different group of players serial queuing. It’s a nice issue to have, though, based on what it says for activity!


Original Post has been updated with final draws from Round 2 as well as some general info on claiming prizes and summary statistics. Thank-you all again for participating, There was significantly more activity this time around. A total or 151 unique matches recorded and 258 Unique names in attendance. More changes will be discussed to further improve recording in the future.


ooooh a jacket! \o/


Regarding the Jackets I have PM’d Andy on Discord, he is offline at the moment but I"m sure he will see to it that they are sent out some time this week and I"m guessing will show up in your delivered items. Let me know if you all ready have this clothing from TSW so that I can arrange something different.


Super stoked to have won a jacket, and congratulations to all the other winners!

There were some great matches, especially towards the end, with some truly impressive 2v2 fights. Win or lose, the whole thing was just non-stop fun, and I look forward to the next one.

I’d also like to donate the keys I won to the next event.


Your jackets will appear in the dressing room; I’ll be granting them directly to your characters. Thanks y’all :smiley:


A lot of Thanks for the jacket, I like it :slight_smile:


The jackets are awesome, thank you


The jacket gives me a passive ego boost.
Now it’s a given that I have to join the next shambala event and further the glory of shotgun&dragon (somehow…still working on the details)


i wanted to be in on this so bad. im in on the next one fur sure


I can try to adjust the time slots next time or possibly run the event on a Friday to allow for people that can’t make the usual times to get a chance to participate.


I was one of the recorders and I did end up in the same games sometimes as Drenneth and Antida so I did start to try stagger matches where I could because you are right Star it would have captured more. Also the chronicle is a great bit of fun but it is not scientific and wont capture the exact outputs of the entire two events unfortunately, would be great if Funcom could pick that up for Shambala :slight_smile: