*SHAMBALA* Round 3... FIGHT!



I agree I think the Chronicle was an amazing thing in TSW. Being that SWL is so much more grindy in nature I actually think it would have been even more applicable here. However I can only imagine that it would be a large undertaking and maybe more work to implement late now then perhaps at the beginning.

As for the “Chronicle” that I’m piecing together ATM I will probably resume work on it this Friday. Mon - Thurs I’m working 12 hrs each day so I don’t have much free time however once all the raw data is converted to the leaderboard though it will provide a base to build upon and I’ll make a seperate post with details on adding data to it in the future. Basically the idea is that it will become more community driven where people can comment on the document with scoreboard links when they have a result that enters the Top 100 of a particular score. Then myself and perhaps over time a number of individuals with rights to modify the document will take that information and add it to the document. This way even matches outside of the event will be recorded.


Tonights BtV stream is “Shambala recap” tier 266 - omg that is one hell of a mission chain!


Could you link the stream. Would like to watch it Live if I’m not busy at that time.


As soon as it’s up i sure will :smiley:


Beyond The Veil: Tier 266 Shambala Recap


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The future of PvP in SWL

I experienced a weird bug during the last event where the players on the other team kept trying to kill me. Did anyone else experience this bug? Is there a workaround?


The workaround is reeeeal simple…


Did you try turning it off and on again?