OMG!!! Had tons of fun with the first leg of the event today. Looking forward to the other time slot.
Thanks for putting it together Drenneth <3

BTW - If you need kills, I’m a very easy one :stuck_out_tongue:


So what did I learn so far…I am not good at killing people BUT I am very good at destroying large quantities of health and strangly supporthealing…time to the pvp-cave and make a new build until the next slot


Great to be part of a fantastic event (although I crashed out for the American time zone, only so much excitement one can take in a day:) )

Good luck to all that took part in winning prizes. Also thanks for the hilarious chat and good vibes in the PVP channel.



Many thanks, Drenneth and all the organizers, had a great time :slight_smile: (Even though I was terrible, lol) Cheers all and may the Fusang be with us!


Many thanks for putting this together, Drenneth, and thanks also to the prize contributors for helping lure people in! Shame I wasn’t the force of nature some players were, but I had a lot of fun in the European time slot.

Can’t wait 'til the next one!


[ Mod edit: Auto-lock removed. You’re welcome! :smiley_cat: ]


Oh Thank you!!!
Could we also have The future of PvP in SWL given the magic touch perhaps?


Another awesome day again yesterday Drenneth, it really was a blast , to see some of the old time great players like Xiomi, Mollusca,Isaax,Hollopoint & Front & Center, made it even better for me,
but Dr Levsky & Luqs stole the show imho , they from what i saw were consistently good in the matches i saw some great play from those two, great to see players i’d never saw before either can’t wait for round 3 it really was an exciting day, well done to all who took part :slight_smile:


Summary an Prize results still in progress.

234 Unique Names recorded so far. See Tab 2 “Round 2 Data” for current progress.
(#) indicates number of WINNING matches player was recorded in.
DD = Damage Dealt
DR = Damage Received
H = Healing
T = Total Score

90% of the Results are there I just need to go through a few more that were sent and identify any duplicates.


The spreadsheet is set to require permission to look at right now.


ah thanks ill update that. Should be fixed now. First time using google docs so let me know if theirs still any issues.


Working now^^
You still have a lot before you it seems to me. Hope the work doesn’t break you XD


Yea it’s good now. Looks like a need for more recorders though, since only 10 of my 38 managed to get caught! Which is a good sign for activity :slight_smile: I can’t help with American timezone recording since I’m busy then, but next time I can help with Europeep.


Is all good. I should have the draws done within a couple hours and the Chronicle part ill just pick away at through the week.


38 total matches? Those numbers only represent winning matches. Even still its a little low at 50% win/lose ratio I would expect to see that number closer to 15-20


Right, I forgot that…but I am pretty sure I didn’t lose 28 anyway, I didn’t think it went that badly!


Still adding as we speak on a separate file so will update soon. Theirs a lot of duplicate screenshots to go through.


Very nice. Just the beginning of the future of Secret World Legends PVP# Thanks much to Drenneth and other contributors for the Event. Hopefully Devs will issue a PVP update in the near future. :wink:


Oh…those where winning numbers. Thought total games played…than again I played 96-97 games…(50-51 in the first batch, 46 in the second)


lol Drenneth :smiley:
The task you have there!
I had 32 blue bags after first set and im sure I had more than 4 wins. But that does not matter, I had my fun, especially to see players I havent seen a while and chit-chat with them.

You can take my name out of the prize list. I already won something, thanks to you.