I experienced a weird bug during the last event where the players on the other team kept trying to kill me. Did anyone else experience this bug? Is there a workaround?


The workaround is reeeeal simple…


Did you try turning it off and on again?



As we are drawing closer to the event start date I have some updates to the rewards incentives for Round 3.

Individual match rewards will remain the SAME
A choice of 1 Red Key, 2 Yellow Keys OR 4 Purple Keys. Draw winners will be listed the following day.

Overall Round 3 winners has CHANGED
Due to names of players being drawn that either could not be reached or that turned down the rewards I have decided to change this draw so that they are guaranteed to go out to players that are interested in winning them.

How to enter the Overall Draw:
1.) Take a screenshot from any of the matches that occur throughout the day. Screenshots can be from before the match starts, during the match or via the death cam (assuming that still works in Shambala). However screenshot must be from withing Shambala Zone!

2.) Send the screenshot to me via Discord or in game/forums PM and be sure to include your characters name if via Discord. Please feel free to be creative with your screenshots :slight_smile:

3.) Limit of 1 entry per person. A total of 5 Draws will take place with a limit of ONE prize per person. Draw will be conducted @ 22:00EDT the following day so screenshots must be received before that time.

Prize List:
1st Draw - Radiant Cold Silver Dice
2nd Draw - Flanged Mallet of Destruction MK3 (Donated by Faster)
3rd Draw - Radiant Ashes of Crushed Cities (Donated by Nexus6)
4th Draw - Niflheim Tiny (pet) (Donated by BOUSILLOR)
5th Draw - Neo-Tribal Warrior - Outfit (Donated by Meta-Moth)

I will still accept cool screenshots even if your not interested in the Draw as I have plans for these screenshots but please note that you wish to be excluded from the Draw.

This will be a trial run for some future planning, feel free to give your screenshot a title or a theme!

Additional UPDATES:

I will be experimenting with OCR software to convert pictures to text for the scoreboards. With any luck this should help speed up the data collection.


For easy time conversion


6pm on a sat…looks like i miss it again lol…have no idea why people dont sign up for shambala normally, really.

i bet a “will join when done this quest because im in 15 mins deep and dont want to start again” option would help matters


If you see me in game any other day send me a tell, I’m normally qued and I could convince atleast 5 other people to at any given time. Takes more then that for a match but if I’m not busy I’m more then happy to try to get it to pop on other days.

Also note in case there is any confusion that there are 2 separate time slots. If you cannot make the one at 6pm in your times zone are you able to make the other one by any chance?


We’re on the splash screen again \o/


That’s really good, reminded me that it was happening today so I can drag my sorry Dragon ■■■ to Shambala to be killed many times in the struggle to git gud :smile: Happy day!


Last hour before the first slot boys and girl. Get the gear ready and the reaction from slow dungeon crawl to space ball ludicrous speed.

Already cooked up a new build to test on unsuspecting pvp players…



May the best Templar win.


“No Sleep For The WIcked”



Scratch eating. Eating isn’t needed for substaining someones life…that’s what tankskills are for


On my way…!!!


EU Time Slot will be EXTENDED by 1 HOUR to better serve peak EU playtime.


Had a great time today. Can’t wait to see some of the screencaps Drenneth (and others) may have gotten. :grin:

…And I’m also curious now about how many people have gotten the Cold-Hearted Cheevo. :thinking:


I can only say I haven’t gotten it…but buffed up my kills and wins for other achievements.


Another wonderful day, and night, of PvP. It was nice that the second time slot kept going for an extra hour after the event ended, but it always makes me sad when the matches eventually stop.

I too look forward to seeing the screenshots. There were some excellent fights throughout the whole event, and everyone played really well.


I saw one person get the Cold-Hearted achievement… but it wasn’t me, nor the team I was on. :cry:


For those unaware I’m still accepting screenshots for the final draw. As long as you were in the event and send me 1 screenshot via any method I will know that you are interested in being part of the final draw. As this was a last minute change to the final draw conditions I will also accept an in game mail or pm stating that you would like to be included in the final draw. Thanks All! Hopefully ill have this wrapped up by the end of the day. Coffee is brewing as we speak.