Shani's Tattoos:



Notice: I will be discussing some of the particulars of a couple of cutscenes in the early part of the game, so, spoilers ahead.

In ‘To Sir With Love’ from Hayden Montag we learn that he read from the Black Book of the Yazidi, a real book from a real religion. He also references a bargain with the Peacock King (or the Peacock Angel, as it is most commonly known) that killed his entire family. Fast forward to Egypt and your first meeting with Shani. Examine her tattoos. Look up some of the emblems of the Peacock Angel (the more official ones, especially, rather than fan art). Am I out of line in thinking that Shani has Yazidi symbols tattooed up her arms? The region she lives in is close enough to the traditional homeland of the Yazidi to be possible.
From Montags’ dialogue, we can infer that they are a powerful occult force in the Secret World, and one we have had little to do with so far. One lead by a God with a Capital “G”, possibly even something more. The Peacock Angel could be made to fit in nicely with either the Nephilim or the Grigori, possibly one of the Fallen such as Iblis.
So, am I reading too much into a chance resemblance, here, or is it a nod to deep lore. Or possibly a harbinger of things to come?