Shard of the pure ice rarely drops

Please add guys if you can those shards to t5 vendors. I am playing t5 on my DT since November / December every week and still wasn’t lucky enough to get it because either it doesn’t drop for soldier archetype or when it dropped another soldier was the lucky one.
Let us buy shards of the pure ice for example for 60-100 relics so we can get items we want and jump on another toon.

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Vistrix has a chance to drop 1-2 shards
Kyllikky has a 100% chance of dropping 2 shards
Honorguard can drop chest, legs and weapons
Kyllikky has a 100% chance of dropping two weapons
Vistrix has a chance of dropping weapon
Vistrix has a 100% chance of dropping a necklace

All weapons can drop, 2/3 big pieces can drop. If you’re lucky you can get four(!) shards in one clear.
T6 got five (guaranteed) drops, however no weapon vendor and multiple set options (tanks) so I think it’s fair.

What is the issue? What item is it that you’re so desperate for from T5? Just take a “shortcut” and jump straight to T6. I don’t think there’s anything you really want from T5 for PvP either, as far as I know?


Only weapons are worth it for pvp from t5… and … well rune for… hox

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yeah but don’t need shards to buy rune :smiley:

I want the blunt since I hate swords and that blunt in pair with t5 tanking necklace is just great. And to be honest I am not a big fan of t6, t5 set is more than enough for me right now. Maybe I wasn’t lucky enough yet but I am raiding since November / December and I haven’t seen 1hb drop yet, though I saw soldier shards 3-4 times.

The blunt can drop from three out of four different bosses, and only requires one shard if you wanna buy it. My tip is stop stacking 8-9 soldiers in a raid and maybe it’s possible to get the soldier gear a bit faster :smiley:

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Since November / December? So you were not lucky in what, 16 raids? Maybe 20? Yeah, no sympathy here. Yet :wink:
Try again on one year or so.


Or if you want the easy way buy store boxes loool

We have normally 6-7 tanks but this is not the case, grind in t5 is just ridiculous. I needed 3 months to gear up my hox / barb in full t6 meanwhile after 4 months of t5 grind I still need a chest / helm / 1hb / shield and talisman…

T5 practically throws gear and tokens at you, it shouldn’t take long at all to gear up a toon.

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so maybe my luck is just great… :neutral_face:

I’m going to guess that when gearing up your hox and barb, you maybe didn’t have other hoxes and barbs in raid to roll against so you got all the loot. And in T5, there are more than 2 DT’s. If there are many DT’s in raid, plus some bad RNG, then yes, it will take longer.

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My friends actually have 500-700 t5 relics so don’t tell me the drop rate is fine. It takes ages to gear up one toon and that’s why the shard should be purchasable. I personally need yet 1hb, helm and chest which means 3 shards are still needed. Pathetic.

im not against the idea to add it, but at the same time i think youve just been unlucky, something weve all been on some chars in some raidtiers. It also comes down to what lootrules you have within the raidsquad. in my guild we had ffa, but remember in some rare cases where we reserved an item for someone who was there for ages without getting it.

Since I started raiding on my Dt I have never seen yet a chest, legs or 1hb. Soldier shards also drops occassionaly and 1 shard is always rolled between 6-7 tanks so its either you are lucky or not. Still I see nothing against shards to be added

Drop rate of items is sth that cannot be controlled.
The first time we killed honorguard with my previous guild he dropped dt chest and legs and I got both because the other dt was full t6. And then I was missing t 5head, which I bought 4 months later because it is sold and needs a shard which I got late because of guild loot system :slight_smile:
So it us a matter of luck

It’s not just a matter of luck, but matter of the loot system the raid uses, dkp vs ffa.