Shards of Valinfell (RP, PvE, +18)

This brand new server aims to provide users with as much freedom as possible, RP how you want! Many servers set up it’s own lore and restrictions, this is fine for some, but it sets up many restrictions for other players. With 30+ mods we aim to offer many quality of life and solo friendly mechanics.

Here’s a list of features:

Jump to level 60, no need to grind for all the feats!

Multiple Character login system! Can’t decide on how you want to look?? You can have multiple characters on this server with separate levels, feats, inventory and all!

Lower monster/creature HP. Keep the fights short, more time for roleplay.

Alternate Dead System! You’re not ready to die!! So stay in the fight longer, when dying you’ll only get knocked down, a friend can even help you up.

Free starter gear! Get a bunch of building supplies to get yourself started, as well as some gear and tools.

Magic! Vampires and Werewolves, Oh my! Learn to do magic, become a vampire or a werewolf with special abilities.

Emotes for both sfw and nsfw situations.

Planned events, such as Pit fighting, and horse racing, themed parties, and more!

Fashion system to look however you want without losing stats.

Good ol’ DnD systems with dice rolling for when the moment calls for a good skill check.

And much more!

The sole purpose of this server is to have a community where people can make friends, and have a place to hangout, explore, and truly express themselves. This means not restricting your creativity with the characters you design. Be what you want, go where you want, interact how you choose.

If this sounds interesting to you go ahead and check out the Discord for more details!
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