Share your funniest AoC Moments ever

  1. When i first discovered the Big Giant Stone Ball as i climbed up the stairs inside Black Castle

  2. When i attacked the Frozen Shaman with a Shield Guard in Sword Range and died all over to it until i discovered what Crossbows do.

  3. When i was missing the Mounted Atzel Messenger trying to catch him with Sword and Shield Combos failing over and over again.

  4. When i first discovered Goad in a Tier 2 Raid and used it everytime it was available non-stop in every fight without knowing what it even does.

  5. When i captured a minigame Skull for the first time and was running across the map avoiding everything and everyone in order to keep it thinking this would mean victory.

  6. When i captured a minigame Skull and was asked why i keep running around with it and was told to do a cap but i was searching where and confused even the bases.

  7. When i was emptying all Stuns in a row against a player thinking this would re-stun him to keep him stunned and once i run out i tried to re-stun him with doubletap forward. Don’t ask me why i did this. It doesn’t make sense.

  8. When i caught Miasma in Raidfinder and i stopped were i tanked, typing ‘‘Ok, i have Miasma now’’ expecting an answer…

  9. When i first tried to Charge and attack a Vortex Spawn in Entity fight in RF to kill it…

  10. When i wiped 2 Groups in Tier 2 Wing 2 by using Dooming Pressence against the Utamons that haven’t Shrunk yet.

  11. When we were attacking the enemy team in HV near the entrance towards their rezpad and i turned around emptying Mystical Banes on a Friendly ToS wondering why my Combos are getting Red while i had Nametags Disabled.

  12. When i decided to write this because i remembered all these stupid things.


When i was 15ish, leveling in conarch valley, did the elite quest? that leads up to that yrmir camp with a boss next to a tree, I was appropriate level and he was so high he could solo the mobs. He was friendly bringing me trough my whole questline, prolly took like 20-30 minutes, shitkid as i was i told him i wanted a screenshot with our backs to conarch valley up on the very top, inner devil took over and KBd him off the cliff.