Share your Shelter


there are ofcourse many more rooms and ive shown only 2 towers (of the i have no idea many) but as you can see there is still a lot of interior work to be done, however i think that my xbox cant handle that :confused:

anyway; the rooms ij the upper keep

Note* im stil not sure wether to keep or to dwstroy and rebuild the panorama tower

Check out my new fortress. It’s huge

This town is still very much in constructiom as well.

i basically build the 2 towns as a break from the main black castle


Very BIG, I can see how console games would be stressed. I play on PC but not sure if PC would be any better, I have never built a base as big. I usually restart with fresh ideas for building before it gets that big.


It stresses the CPU the most when building big

The GPU just renders and CPU copies :stuck_out_tongue:


i reckon that i used about 5-10k buildables its hard to give an estimate,i usually use up around 1k a session sometimes way more tho…



is that the island with the pond in the river? its a great spot tho


If you mean the pic above, it is an island in the south east river with a pond in the center.


Hye !

Just a screen capture from my first outpost and a humble tent, with their Inside (sorry for my English).





Looks awesome! Really like the style :slight_smile:


From Early to release, the game is perfect for this kind of post, awesome work from everyone


yeah i actually build my first base there when i first got the game!


I want to show. I made blocky smexy. Any ps4 users out there?


Nice! I have something planned in japanese style near that area as well (the large tower/mountains with the fog a bit east i think from the shipwreck)


I will try that again, I thought I had that but it still seems random, each server start in PC SP seems to bring about a random position.


Oh ! Thank you Leeux !

I prefer when it is simple because I not very good for the big constructions.
I am admiring of those who build big like city, town … like your new base in the Highlands ! :smiley:


Thank you Xander!! :heart:

I also like simple stuff myself! Thing is, I really like the building aspect in this game and once I’m in “building mode” myself, it seems I cannot stop! :smile:

That base in the highlands has been growing a little lately too… I’m gonna post an update as soon as I finish the map room… that thing is a pain to fit into a normal building :laughing:


tell me about it… i still have tonplace my map room… probably gonna build a huge tower on teliths island and put it there.


thanks! (or did you mean another base?)

im taking a break currently as i was troubleshooting for a week tk get my game working again, so im building a medium abbey in the north (diagonally across from the frost temple)

just started the construction tho, it sucks cause there are a lot of spots in that particular area that arent buildable…
a sneakpeek;