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Catalan is a regional form of Spanish. Almost all Spanish speaking nations speak Castilian Spanish with regional dialects. My guess is that is is not Spanish, but Brazilian Portuguese. It is similar to Portuguese, Google Translate will identify it as Portuguese, but will not translate it.


i need to step up my game :thinking: Anyone that wants to help build a colloseum and roman city? (arena t3 stone with outer shell aquilonian when it will be released)


Very simple black ice pyramid with different shape for different look and defensive purpose.


My pagoda and well-watchtower :

The main hall is divided into three parts :

Dining room :

kitchen :

Bedroom :

On the first floor, the smithy :

Access to the second floor :

Second floor, the other craftsmen :

Open-air swimming pool :


Alex02 - Looking very nice, do you have a mod loaded for the wading / swimming / well pool? How did you get it to do that?


I dont use any mod. Just started to build first layer of foundations under water, then second layer above coming out of water. Finaly, remove some foundations to create your pool.


Cool thanks for the information, great place.


I added some buildings to my Khitan base.

A fisherman’s cabin :

The map room/Mitra shrine tower, with the beam passes through the map room :

Sunset on my pagoda and the Khitan style gate to go down to the map room tower :

View of all my buildings :


Okay. First: There are quite a few really astonishing bases here! Love them!

Second: 1153 got so laggy, and now afterwards our smithy looks like that:

The player to the left is logged out.
I died to curse wall due to massive lag.

Oh? And yes, I do like to use natural stuff in my bases. I dont need to have everything coated in playerbuilt stuff.


So im building something new and i thought this looked like some ancient ruins


Home sweet home, Avalonia




My friend and I built this over about a 2 week period. He spends silly amounts of time harvesting and I spend 2 hours a night using all the mats he gets for me lol.


I have come here to chew bubblegum and look at outposts. And I’m all out of bubblegum.

The Pagoda of St Copious of Northern -

Just finished the rough-in. I will post an update later. This design was inspired by the Khitan DLC promo photo. I wasn’t really going for shelter, more of a garrison/outpost for gathering, meeting and cleansing corruption.


More of an appendage to my main base. Great place to meet new people and far enough out of the way. Also good to hide chests and other things, as RP structures are rarely attacked.

Outposts and Garrisons in Photos (please share)

Wow! That looks awesome!

I think I know what boulder is that :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking of that one as one possibility for settling, when I first moved North from desert myself :slight_smile:


Thanks! I really like that location too, and it is easy for people on servers to find it.


Just started playing…no idea what I am doing.

July 28, 2018

July 30, 2018


Nice thread. Here are some of my shelters,
My Ship

Spiral Tower


Main Tower

Tower Bridge

Our Trading Shop

Woodland Cottage


Love the ship but they are all fantastic! Keep them coming!