Share your Shelter


Your “village” looks good but you should have taken these pict at daylight imo.
Usually, i also like to take screens at night, but in that case, i’m not sure…for everything that is tightly linked with light effects i think you were right to do it at night, but for the first pictures? These first pict would have surely looked even better at daylight.
of course just my opinion though…


I agree fully, I even think they are crap myself. I feel like that when I see any picture I take, I suck at it :slight_smile:

But I’ll take some new ones during daylight later today, it is just that I struggle to get a good picture. I try the vanity view but then my char is they way, when I do first person I feel like the HUD is wasting the pic. And as I’m on official, I cannot fly :slight_smile:

The room in pic 8 is now also complete, it shows the 45/45 legendaries on the walls.


can’t wait to see the 5 first pictures in the daylight then.
Ah thank you for pointing that out with the “collection room”, i admit i had missed it entirely, very good idea and looks especially nice with bows on that pict.
i think i never managed to get a complete collection of those. GG.
Why not exposing these weapons/ shields in an even bigger room? with only one 1 weapon per wall? could look even better don’t you think?


I’ll keep that idea for when I buy the new DLC, after they fixed thralls and purges :wink:


Wow your builds are amazing! Thanks for sharing. :heart:


I love building type games and don’t care much for PVP. Got the new DLC and love the building pieces so i thought, hey let’s do a sandbox city in Single Player. Eventually, i want to create a massive city as much as my computer can handle it. I built the castle, temple, bathhouse and theatre so far. Suggestions are welcome! :slight_smile:

Castle Wall/Gate

Temple (view from Castle)

Castle (View from Temple)




Seems like every time I restart on my server I default to a variation on the same theme (can you tell I like East Asian architecture?).

#TeamKhitai for life.

This is very much a work in progress with nothing inside yet but a bedroll, campfire, and crafting stations. Eventually it’ll have a full basement workshop and storage area, a kitchen, a living room, three bedrooms (two of which will probably go unused), and a patio garden.

Once I’m leveled back up to where I can make T3 pieces it’ll look something like this (only less rainy):

The pole foundations are from the Exile Architect mod because they look awesome and help with stability.


Lovely designs mate.


Took some new pics in daylight


I like the looks of the design @Skinny as how long did it take to make that if i may ask? as i am trying to build up a town with a big great hall.


I’ve build all those in draft sandstone first, when I’m pleased with it I upgrade it to the material I had in mind for it. The building itself is done quickly, the farming is another story. These are on Official 1035 PVE-C.


Much better, you guys have made nice stuff out of the kithan DLC and you’re tempting me to buy it actually :smiley:
Your kithan bases are my favourites ones among all of your bases in general.
All of that on official server?
GG mate !


Town in progress :slight_smile:


Amazing base!!





Front view of my base on a waterfall.