Share your Shelter

Epic build!! Nicely done

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The view towards the Upper Base from the Lower Base. The lower south gate is to the left.


The amount of time hat must have took, and the resources. Holy moly.

Been building it since Jun 2017. It is actually large enough that it broke the equation that was in use when they put the Decay System in place. Thankfully, I make frequent backups. Sadly, to get the look on some of the buildings, I had to resort to mods. As for the resources, it is very time consuming and I did have to resort to Admin mode when all of my crafting stations disappeared along with what was in them when all the placables disappeared on me. By they time I had realized what had happened at the main base, it was to late since I had just finished a major change to my secondary base to fall back to a backup.

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Sadly had to resort to mods? Pssh, as a mod author, yay for using mods!!!


not Finished but here it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Would like to share my home on official PVE server) i prefer solo play, so i had some nice time farming bricks)


I was testing mods for my server in singleplayer last night and made the worst brothel in the Exiled Lands.


Oh no ! lol

Are you using a mod for that wood structure? Not recognizing it. And looks like a fun place to visit for my future Necromancer

Since I have not finished my base or decoration, for my first time, I only put a few pictures, I will put more when it will be more advanced and more accomplished.

And it’s only a piece of my base, one room in the base, the other pieces and many other things are not finished.
Work in progress…

Bains = Baths


Yeah, it’s from the Immerse mod.


Unfortunately all the Nordheimer structures in that mod are mainly decorative, so aside from looking cool and giving a shelter buff there’s not a lot you can do beyond placing them.


Nice, stylish structures.



The view looking towards the North West gate at my base. Thralls have not been placed in this part of the base.


Not enough spike thingies though. I can still see the ground :wink:


That was as close as i can place them with out a collision of some kind.

Here is our small bathing house. From left to right you see: Timur of Hyrkania, Nyatui Meneater, Rabija of Kordova and Lee the Cunning. Outside of the water there is the nothern slave Ramvolt.

Btw all of our build locations are used for roleplay. In this scene we see our characters plotting against their enemies in the steamy hot bathhouse.


hehe @BoogerParty, hope your character didnt ask to visit the Throne of Bone :smiley:

actually theres a lot of cool buildings in this thread… i dont think my computer could deal with so many blocks, but i never seem to have enough materials to build anything more than a 9x9 basic 1 floor house… all the stone and plant fibers, get used up so i can make Soups, and Salted Meat and Spiced food to preserve it.

btw PitMonk that looks just like Tower Bridge : whats next, putneybridge, or any plans for the gherkin? :slight_smile:

Skinny nice lighting effects too

Caption for this screenshot?
“don’t all look at me… the bubbles are from the Jacuzzi” :smiley: