Share your Shelter


Hello! I know I’m new here but I’ve been wanting to share my builds for a long time now and figured this was the spot to go! I’ve played Conan about 800 hours now with some crazy builds, but this is by far my biggest undertaking. It’s still a WIP, but I’m loving where it’s headed!

It’s on a server I own and run and the location is situated in the beautiful oasis at Muriela’s Hope and I am using a few mods such as Fashionist, Better Building Placement, and a few others, to make the process as enjoyable and pleasing to look at as possible.

Please let me know what you think and I will also be sure to leave feedback for others!


Home sweet home from my Starsearcher …


Big marketplace from our server. You will find all of DLC and much more stuff to buy, theres also a tavern you can buy eat and drink, and there is a motel where you can get a room for sleep, or do something else … ist a roleplayserver :wink:


I spent about an hour tonight in singleplayer trying out a walled compound I had in mind using a lot of mod pieces. Pretty bare bones with no decorations or anything since I have to work tomorrow and can’t spend all night on it, but I like how it turned out.

Now I just need to see if I can find a sufficiently big and flat green area for when I build it on my server.


the valley in the highlands near the great northern dam would be a great place for this build.


A few projects I’ve made.


Wish I could build something like this


These are breathtaking. What mods were used for these? :slight_smile:


Saw your city in the fan discord, but still in love.


Our current Cyclone server mod list is:

Less Building Placement Restrictions
Stone Statues
Better Thralls (Pickup & more followers)
Stygian Building Kit
Savage Steel

Mostly for the three above are AoC and LBPR


Holy smokes!!