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Well, I’ve always viewed player bases in this game to be more like settlements and cities (depending on the size of the clan) and lay them out accordingly.

I allow myself more freedom in layouts though as I turn off the purge in my singleplayer game, though it is out of necessity rather than the difficulty - building the way that I do makes the meter fill insanely quick and next thing I know I got purges coming after me and in this case I’d be fending off god knows what with iron weapons in first-tier DLC armor all by myself. I haven’t even figured out where to put my wheels of pain yet, so no thralls. I have a single pet hyena being raised currently (his name will be Mr. Snickers).

Last time I had the purge turned on they still triggered down around the southern river. I had to try and stop the hyena purge with just stone weapons. You try and stop 2-3 werehyenas in rags with a stone sword.

So I don’t have the same kind of pressures and considerations others may have to make but even when I would still play on other people’s servers I’d push for walled cities out in open fields or something that made clever use of the land visually rather than consideration for defensive placement.

I love how you always make it blend with the land, a real tribute to our beautiful topography.

Can’t wait to see it fleshed out.

One thing one has to keep in mind - birds-eye screenshots are well and good but you always should plan things out based on how they look from the ground.


The shape matters most to the sculptor.

You and I share antipathy for a particular bench I see :+1:t4:

The tinker bench can be troublesome. I’ve hidden the casting table away out of public sight, as well. It looks cool, but I didn’t really have any spots where it fit nicely.

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Things have become rather chaotic, but that’s fine. And for some reason my thralls nameplate stuck around in photo mode.

Still - this guy helped me kill the Awakened Bat Demon. He earned the little apartment building I built for him that’s adjacent to the shrine to our beloved Zath.

I can’t find any foals to save my life though. I feel like Richard III.


They are all in the north area, or way east, IIRC.

I think G-9 is where i got all mine. Kind of near the Mammoths IIRC.

K6 southern island are near.

Can I have your kingdom if I bring you a horse?


Soo next project finally finished First one was turanian palace, now i call this one the ““Stellarum pons inter mundo”” Dunno if correct spelled, but in english it should be ““Star bridge between worlds”” because it connects 5 religions together … a bastion of religions…

Atleast outter side is finished :slight_smile:


We really need a T3 drawbridge at some point.

And a t2 one, of course.

The one we have just looks so ramshackle compared to the structures that players build.


Went and dusted off one of my favorite locations for building. Next to the waterfall in the shadow of the Priestking’s Retreat, a little bit up from the scuttler’s shortcut. The Bad News nameplate is my new bear friend. I was actually on my way to Sepermeru and wandering around up near the tradeway when I saw a bunch of cubs and decided that some kidnapping was in order. This area gets the Derketo shrine. I always try and limit one shrine to a location. I have plans for a later slave-breaking camp where I’ll probably keep a Set shrine.

Bonus - the Bad News Bear.

EDIT: I realized I never show interiors. It’s still pretty simple as I’ve only just begun making furniture. The Nemedian dlc has been one of my favorites to date.


Sinkhole Base
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Sepermaru Base
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Looks nice!

I’m liking these little station builds you’re making @drukuku . Pretty cool!

New patch with new stuff means new game! This time I’m shooting for a courtyard villa. Seemed suiting for my stygian and her Set shrine. I’m still figuring out the back. It’s gonna be the barracks/tavern area.

Really looking forward to liven it up with the thrall emotes.

Oh, and I’m trying out the lattice pieces from Pythagoras Support Beams. Wanted them off-set columns.

edit to keep from double posting:


Added a promenade. Gotta make a gossamer expedition though so I can make the banners that will line it. To enter the stygian villa, you must first pass through its monuments of conquest. Wheels of pain, captured banners of the local populace, animal taming pens and stables. It’d be nice if we could make obelisks someday.

Also - these thrall emotes are really cool and I find myself kidnapping a bunch of people regardless of who they are or what level they are. The cornerclub here in the back is still unfurnished as I need to wait until I have brewing unlocked to build the furniture.


My attention span - or lack thereof - has stuck again. I was building somewhere else and things went sideways so I took what I liked, started a new game, and have been putting it to that.

I had to put in a temporary wheel of pain where I want a statue to go. After putting down the one next to the shrine who was the very first person I knock out? Cruiadh the Crusher. Even with my dramatically reduced thrall breaking time he’s gonna take like 8-10 hours. We can’t be having none of that. I’ve got a planned apartment building I’ll need to fill, afterall.

edit - just 'cuz it looks cool at night

EDIT again - I feel absolutely zero shame in admitting that I admin’d these turanian pieces if only to save my crafting window from the flood of dlc recipes filling it up.


Now there’s a Set shrine. I’m still trying to figure out the rest of the buildings. I do want to eventually build a wall and some gates.

I’ve got like 4 dancers now. I keep going out looking for people to beat up and make them stand around emoting but I keep getting dancers.