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How much of a gap is there between the top ceiling and the ceiling supporting the planters? And are they normal planters or decorative ones?

It’s about 3-5 levels going down…about to a standard character’s knees. I just used a crude planter as my guide on how low was low enough. And great question about the planters because it matters.

For some silly reason, regular plant matter brush doesn’t have a decorative planter associated with it so if you want general wheat looking plants that match perfect with the environment, you HAVE to go with regular planters.
Now the other plant type I use is false mandrake. The decorative planter type are small little bushes that you can break up the constant brush with and the regular planter type is the one that gives you large bush near tree size with tons of foilage to cover stuff with. These are the ones I use to cover entrances and vertical walls.
Most of the others I typically don’t use because they are 1)rare and draw attention to your build or 2) so obnxiously different in color of the surroundings it draws attention to your build [I’m looking at you hops…pos plant don’t care if smskcntr favors you…freaking bright green neon sign saying "erjoh clearance sale. all items must go’.] But hops does great in breaking up the false mandrake but use them very sparingly…for that fleck of color.

Now the big thing with using real planters is that they are functional storage as well so just remember others are playing and don’t get too nutty with them since they tie up processing memory and you still need storage at your base.


Dude, that’s amazing. I love your idea and how much you’ve thought it out. 10/10 man, 10/10


Wish I could take all the credit but smskcntr gave me the inspiration on using planters and the hay stables as camoflage. I just toyota’d the F out of it once i realized the plant graphic ignores building pieces. It’s still not right because of the sound…if I can figure out how to either muffle the wood step sound from walking on the ceiling tiles to something like you get with other types (like arena) or a rug that can be equal in the ability to blend into terrain…


Same base but another smskcntr idea. Layer you foundations to create level spot for your chests. Also in the pic is another space saver. Your improved armorer bench can fit snuggly into your improved tannery (EZYB inspired)


Is this an undermase base?

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Ty too, keep it going, thank God you are really intelligent :+1:t6:.
@anon83039162 thank you too, this is the very first time I ever read someone’s profile.


Thank @anon83039162, not me, she more than once is the person that helped me be a better player and a better member here. I am just happy for meting glorious persons here, thank you for your understanding.



Hello, here is my base, decided to post it here for remenberance in case of getting wiped LoL.

Looking to the north this the left flank:

central view:

right flank:

On the lake border:

Brewery and goldsmith:

square with fontain

Tannery entrance:

Tannery top view:

Sawmill and Blacksmith:

This is the tavern/inn, note that lian is not peeking the show inside. As i preserved animal spawns nearby sometimes deer invade the square and after dealing with him, he comes back and stay giving the back for his guard duties. (Maybe one day thralls could back to the original position we set to them including rotation)

The golden bikini`s bar being attended by Jukona the Fool:

The Pillory:

Alchemist brotherhood:

Black Market:

Head Mistress Slave Master Office:

The colosseum:

Battle Horses Stable:

Gladiators Jump from the Wheel directly in the arena, the wheel is underground:

Workers under the arena arming and healing the warriors:

Religeous POI`s

(The Ymir Priestress was not in good mood to show up)

The tower attached to the colosseum:


1st floor Advanced Foundry:

2nd floor, Precision Tannery and Advanced Armorsmith:

3rd floor Great Hall:

4th floor Throne room:

Minor Attached Tower, Royal Aposents:

Nemedian style tower, alchemyst tower for exploding things, theres a treb on top, future mage tower? who knows? If the shadows of the wipe dont cover those lands before.

Naked jumping station (top of the tower mentioned before):

Advanced Sawmill:

Cimerians camping in sorroundings (the purge will regret coming this way):

One of the purge battling outposts (its not show in the pictures, but near theres a guard house with food making stations thrall pot and racks with truncheons to exchange the lethal weapons in case of humam purge) Unfotunatelly when i chose the place to build, i was unawere of the purge types by region, and on 4 of 5 purges i face a rocknose avanche and their big dad destroy half of the base while we try to stop him.


Argos TinyVilla™

An endgame ‘starter’ home (2x6). One block high living space inside, everything built on top of the ceiling is just fluff to maximize decorative value (the most important stat of all!).

Building sets used: Argossian, Aquilonian & Turanian (props to whoever spots them :grin:)
No mods used.
122 pieces.

Front views:

Side gardens:


No interior shots yet, not quite satisfied with how i’ve got that looking at the moment.


This looks amazing!

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Cute cottage - me likes…

There should be a contest: Best build using the fewest number of pieces!

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There was:


Oh wow, that’s a fantastic idea!!

This is my Exiled Lands castle…


This is my Stables (for my horses)


This is my ship I built on Siptah…


That contest is a few months shy of it’s 3rd anniversary, time for a rerun i’d say! :smile:

And I agree with what @TeleTesselator mentioned, a contest limiting the number of pieces would be interesting, they can add up pretty quickly.


Hey, I want a tree house contest first, I asked it first :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Nice job by the way :+1:t6:.