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You build something like this on an pvp server? :astonished:
Are you the last player left there? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

nops. we are the alphas there.
i’ve had some other nice buildings on pvp server in the past too.
This was a small citadel i made in 2020. on a pvp server too.
sadly, when a war exploded, it was one the enemie’s first target. lol


and believe it or not, this was made on the same server as the citadel. lol
there was a time when you “could” build outside the greenwall (my whole clan got banned because of it).
but at least the city was impressive hahaha.
*The buildings are not well suited for a desert, but who cares? it’s a fantasy world anyways ahahah


This really looks like a natural grown medieval City!
Totally against the rules, yes.
But absolutely amazing!


Not janky at all. Great idea, you mean. :wink:


I did the same without lbpr :smiley: (on the right side)



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Beautiful dude! Straight out of a 3A movie design.


OK, this presentation is triggered from a conversation I had with fellow exiles in another thread. These efforts were done by me playing as Co admin in a private pvp locked server called La Legion. Unfortunately these photos are 2+ years old and I have lost too many.

Pve arena and in the far a horse arena

The dragon inside is red mama, not a hatchling :rofl:

A fist fight arena

Unfortunately I finded only these map rooms

Mount of dead

Black keep (an effort of black flower)


Jungle north


Pvp building is not necessarily sloppy. I am an average builder and I witness unbelievable beauty in pvp servers.
No matter how “hardcore” player you are decoration is not useless and has no mode, from pve to pvp, people who like it will do it.
A memorable photo from phsyko our clans master builder.


Just admiring a few designs that strike me in particular - and that are at least a year old in this thread…


Base is final, might built a new one…
Its probably too big, almost impossible to place everything and keeping it smal :confused:


Come on @prologue1337, really(?) , only one photo? Really???

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Will make more next time then!
I have shared progress here not so long ago tho :slight_smile:

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The only place you will see me stealing is inside here :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful ideas you provide all this time :+1:t6:.

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Decided to give my take on a build I saw in a video.


Yes… If you know how to mix and match the dlcs the outcome will be unique as this one!

I used Ansel to get this 360 Stereo view of my base. It is still a work in progress.

The view is from a different area of the base. The tower on the rock spire has two elevators that I enclosed. Falling off one ends with a rather gruesome death. I will get some outside views showing some of the gates later on.


Awesome :ok_hand:t6:

Happy summer!!! People in here are in my heart, they are generous and kind to me all these years and most of all they inspire me to keep playing the game I love. The theme is Captain Narelle is visiting Bellas beach house in exile lands. I am building this project 4 days now.
Enjoy :grin:.


The upper and lower south gates at my main base. The road leads to a secondary base. If you happen to visit the city, please avoid Joe, the used mount merchant. The camels bite, the horses are all old nags, the rhinos do not have horns, and the elephants just stare at you. I used Ansel to get this one.