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Thank you. You’re honestly too kind. But it is very appreciated. Thank you. :pray:


It is SO difficult to create a city. SO difficult! Even for architects it’s very difficult. And i know from profession that not all the architects can design cities. It’s a challenge every time they try to do it.
I don’t know if you’re an architect, but if you’re not, you choose wrong job m8 :rofl:.
Divine wonder!


This is my second raidme base. First was on live did a few purges, loot wasn’t worth it. Building this on test to test the new purges. raidme too


Lol. Thank you. Ya, I’m not an architect. But I have been thinking the same thing lately. :joy: I would not mind making architect money. Lol. That’s for sure. :rofl:


Currently under construction. Still requires a small temple to Jhebbal Sag and a bridge.


A cozy option mostly with tier 1 and tier 2.


Fox looks so little when it’s hanging out with the other pets


Starting a new save, I decided to save on building costs and live in Sepermeru. Just gotta know “who I have to kill to pay the rent”… :rofl:

And prime “Curse Wall View”.

And as my tavern in full swing, but full of “That Fighter I”, “That Archer II”, a “fine looking” Hyborian Fighter III was there with a kinda sad face waiting outside.

Now I gotta speed up getting the mod to do something about it. :cry:


I am currently building different kingdoms/villages for basically each culture. This is my attempt at do an Aqualonian Kingdom. Current working name for it is Dunseoda… It’s roughly about 85% - 90% finished. There is a ton of detailing work to do yet, plus I will redesign a few things later, but for now, this basically the layout of it all. Taking a break from this one to work on others, so I figured I might as well show it off at this point. I tried to stick with just the Aqualonian pieces, as much as possible, only using Argo vaulted ceiling and pillar pieces, and a few modded accent pieces when I felt it was absolutely needed. Roughly about 70,000 - 80,000 pieces… I apologize for the amount of photos. There’s a lot too it, and it’s pretty spread out, so hard to get it all in just a few shots …


Have done some changes, and updates to my tavern “franchinse” so we need a bigger castle:

The tavern keepers were tired of being forced to work 24/7 so we decided to let them work on shifts instead:

But the “red light district” :rofl: is running well:

Very nice. I think Argossean roof pieces would give more of a Greek vibe. The Aquilonian roof pieces are a bit too reflective in my opinion.

Not what I was expecting when I heard “Tomb Raider” was in my tavern.


Paying for clothes or alcohol? Tough choice.

How all servers should be - or build:


An outstanding effort.
In my taste torturing lament destroy the epic scene!


But hearing the lamentation of their women is an essential part of “what is best in life”.

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In this part? To be single :rofl:!

I’m sharing what I’ve been building for months.
If it’s this long, take note that there’re all the altars put in straight line.

If i was satisfied with the result, now i intend to move to my next project once i will have more freetime: A town on the snowy mountain, meaning that i will progressively dismantle this one.
It’s a heartbrake but the rules are the rules: If i want to move in the north, i have to destroy this one to respect the ToS.

I made a glass base in Conan Exiles on PC and it’s stunning!

It’s very barren in terms of decorations, but it looks so good!

Edit: The big multi-colored tower has different colored torches for the magic crafting stations in a mod I’m using. Blue for Air, Red for Blood, Yellow for Fire, Green for Earth, Purple for Arcane, more Blue for Water, and bright yellow for Divine.


Sets up trebuchet

Lets gooooo