Share your worst set backs due to a bug or broken system

Hi all.

Please share your biggest ingame setbacks or frustration you had due to a bug or broken system.

Mine was the following. It took me alot of hours one official PvP Server to farm and grind amd craft to finally have my first Vault.

I placed it at my base on the ground. I checked the decay timer: it said 407 hours.

On the next dayi log in and the Vault was gone.
I was angry :rage:. What did do wrong. I did place it and i checked the decay timer.

Other players informed me that the vacation decay timer is broken on vaults. I did not place it close enough to other construction and it probably was a 6 hour decay time. But bugged system did not show it correct.

That many hours of loss required a deep breath to remotivate myself.

That was my personal one. share yours.

But else i love :heart:️ this Game and had huge Fun overall


My worst setback was that my PS4 didn’t crash just before I clicked “Confirm Purchase”


The “lost save files” bug deleted all of my progress 7 times in 3 weeks, causing me to start over 7 times in 3 weeks

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Speaking of my own experience (oficial pve - ps4), the game freezes at random moments in my gameplay (daily, sooner or later this was my destiny) and I considered myself very lucky when I did not die until I could enter the server again. Depending on the time or place, nurturing such hopes was stupidity. If the day was “good,” it happened only once a day.

There was not “just” this problem, but he was the biggest culprit of my frustration and irritation.

When I was more advanced in the game, I even built “outposts” in some strategic northern locations containing a valuable additional stock for backup equipment and warpaints. So if I were to die in these circumstances, I could try to rescue my body by re-equipping myself quickly and practically (and my corpse did not always appear on the map).

When I left CE and went back to playing other games, my problems with CE ended up in that context.

Oh, and nice post!

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Oh… set backs?
Let me think about that…
Oh, there was a situation prior to full launch - on testlive.
My clanmate started to build a block and asked me wether I would like to contribute in finishing it.
As it was still sandstone, I already placed a ton of crafting stations, chests and else. Upon restart after I finally upgraded it to black ice, all vanished into thin air due to a different value in height of ceilings. (They did fix that one, no worries!)
As that thing contained each and every bit of what we farmed till then, it was the worst set back.
But hey! Testlive! … :sob:

Other than that? Of course the alchemists disappearing -> wedge foundations.
Or another classical thing: Having put one of those growing pots directly beneath a station, then leaving some fiber in it -> station disappears probably because of collision. (Or it was due to the station standing on wedge foundations? I dont know.

Anyway. Even if I invest LOTS of time into something, its still a game.

I find the 6 day (7 if counting the decayed day) decay a little too harsh. But since that one isnt a bug or broken system… well…
Me and my clanmember will most likely loose our whole base due to that. I know since the lasts months I would be away from this weeks end for 10 days… But currently my clanmate cannot log in and I really dont know for how long. (Neighter does said clanmate.)

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Lost a Telith’s Sorrow and full Silent Legion Armor set when the game decided to crash out to dashboard. I loaded back in the world, naked, in the desert. No corpse to be found anywhere near where I died.

Offline purge destroyed me and my clans T3 Altar of Ymir. It’s not the offline purge part that bugs me it’s the obvious thralls who did little or nothing to the scorpions who did took it out.

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The biggest set back was losing about 4 boxes of brick, Gold and silver coins, and black ice. Then losing a furnace with a named thrall on it. The latest one is one of our furnaces has been losing all the material you put into it. Like fill it with stone to make brick, go collecting more come back the first batch gone and no brick.

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Mine was logging on in single player mode after about 3 days and finding my base gone.


When they first added diagonal supports and columns to the game, I did some practice building and discovered I could build a span of 6 ceiling tiles out from my foundation wall. Needless to say, this was a CORE part of my build, I got excited and upgraded the size and scope of my base accordingly. After a couple weeks of putting things together, upgrading, I had my upgraded cauldrons, full of gold/silver dust (alot of it) for my alchemical needs. Needless to say, I discovered after some cauldron losses (and HUGE amounts of gold/silver lost) that each server restart was loading in the support beams and columns AFTER the actual building. So it was checking structure PRIOR to all of the supports being there.

Essentially, you could build it 6x ceiling tiles out, it supported just fine, items could be placed on it, it could be upgraded… But as soon as a server restart hit, the far sides of my base would crumble to dust and need to be rebuilt when I logged in. -.-

… I held out hope for a bug fix for some period of time,… weeks and weeks it seemed. Dealing with constant, retarded rebuilding of my base, making due without all my cauldrons for the time being…

Funcom then decided to just make support beams non-functional. I.E. The structure I had spent weeks upgrading and decorating was now… lumpy and awkwardly shaped because I could not finish it as designed.

… So frustrating. Game is almost 80% about building. They give us AWESOME new building ability… it’s borky and broke for a few weeks… then they take it away.



How long is the decay timer for building a vault with no foundation? I dropped a couple of vaults and filled them with loot in two different biomes only to come back the next morning and it was decayed - my server neighbor looted it. I let him keep the loot because that was it for me, I’m done with exiles.

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farmed two gods to attack alpha clan. did 0 damage during raid time.

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