Sharing Tank Builds for PvP

The Builds i played with. Nothing more.
If anyone wants to add anything Specialized Combos and so on all the better.
Is PvP dead? Yes. For those New or Returning on Crom and might struggle i leave them here.

With the following advice:
x3 Wards at least for Guard before starting. Max Wards for others. x3 Snare Resistance for Guard before Starting. Max for others or x3 the first perk x3 the other. Otherwise you wont be able to move your a$$. Max Desicive - Pressing Strikes on all. Get the Gold or Silver Perks even if the Silver are 1-3 Points. Get some points into Veteran/ Warmaster they help. At least 1 point into Vindication. Forced Engage - Elusive Nature for the Passive Critigation.

Feel free to ask any questions. Pretty much there is alot of players who can give Great advice.

No interested. Majority of the PvP community just wants to feel their Virtual Glory.

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