Shattered Sands 18+ [RP/PvP] + Age of Calamitous + Magic



Shattered Sands 18+ [RP/PvP]

Shattered Sands is a new server dedicated to role play, allowing players to tell the story and create the gameplay. Layered on top of the Conan lore, Shattered Sands offers magic, elves, orcs, forces of darkness, heroes of the light, and everything in between. Be part of a new community with active admins, mature players, and tons of potential.

We run a dedicated server with plenty of horsepower, SSD drives, excellent hosting and support.

Join our discord, read the rules, see if this is a good fit for you. Then be creative, tell your own story.

Come play with us!

Discord Server with rules and server information:

Server Info:

Age Restrictions: Must be 18+

Location: NA (New York)
Max capacity 40 players

No application required. Server is password protected. We ask that you join the server discord and read the rules to play.

  • 3x XP
  • 2x Harvest
  • No Purges
  • No Avatars

Events planned and easter eggs!

A role play first server. PvP, wars, and raids are intended to add to the story, not guide it.

Mod List:

  1. Pippi
  2. Fashionist
  3. Conan Sexiles
  4. Fist of Essence
  5. Warrior Mutator
  6. Age of Calamitous
  7. Lemurian Architect