Shelter bug base creation

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What’s going on with this game? I experienced the same game breaking bug in Ark. So this game is basically a steal of ark’s engine? i feel cheated of my money, why does a bug like this exist?

I effectively wasted hours of my time attempting to learn to base build – only to be crapped in the face by years old bug. Shelter buff not activating because of some tertian build issue. Really? This is so pathetic I had to exit the game while destroying my hard work, knowing I single handily wasted my time. I don’t even get a decent amount of resources back. THis is sad. The instant feeling of wasted time washed over me.

Game shouldn’t have shipped like this. Why did it release like this? Developers should be ashamed of themselves of copying outright of Ark’s ■■■■■■ engine. Why not make your own? I really want my money back knowing it’s just a blatant copy of Ark’s poor engine.

TLDR – Core of the game is actually broken.

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I am sorry that CE exiles doesn’t meet your expectations. I am sure Steam will be happy to assist with your refund :smirk:

Hey @Xerge

We use Unreal Engine 4, a pretty common and versatile game engine.
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Thanks in advance.

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