Shelter not being properly recognized by game

Game mode: Any game mode
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE but I suspect any type.
Region: Doesn’t matter.

Not sure if this is a bug or by design… but… When an enclosed structure is made (foundations, walls, ceiling, doorway+door) no matter how small, when you are NEAR a doorway with a closed door, the shelter rating goes down and would make you vulnerable to sand storms.

large enclosed structures with inner rooms with doorways that DON’T face outside cause the same effect.

Large enclosed structures in general… when standing in the center of them, have reduced shelter ratings as well.

If a building is enclosed and the doors are shut, especially internal doors to other rooms, shelter rating should be 100% no matter where you are within. Please fix!?

  1. Build a large fully enclosed structure, and also a small fully enclosed structure with door way and door. Basic sand stone or higher quality, doesn’t matter.
  2. Enter structure and close door.
  3. Walk around and watch the shelter scale change where ever you go within… and in the case of the small structure, when you’re near the closed doorway.

Hey @spafmagic

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been sent to our team to see if this is intended or not.

Thank you. Something I forgot to mention… the buildings I made are 2 walls high. In my single player game, I knocked out the door way pieces on the inside of my building, and the shelter rating stayed at 100 within that room, even with just a hole in the wall. So the doorways definitely have something going on with them.

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I know it’s probably too early, but has the team discovered if it was a bug, or by design? (bad design if it is…lol.)

It is still sitting in the QA queue for examination.

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