Shield block in first person still not working

hi folks,

been playing on and off since early access and while the then changed combat system was an improvement over the early button meshing, i sorely miss being able to play the whole game immersively in first person.

some weapons work ok, some don´t trigger their respective attacks, while shields ever since are not working at all, making certain encounters nearly impossible.

being able to play in first person is what sets a game apart for me in terms of immersion and is the main reason why i´m not sticking to a witcher 3 playthrough as dedicated as other games.

i do aknowledge that regarding pvp first person would be a disadvantage but personally i regard conan exiles as a pure single player experience with the atmosphere and exploration as the main drive to play the game.

right now i´m switching back and forth between third person for fighting and first person for everything else.
oddly enough conan exiles does something right i had to mod in fallout nv / 4, seeing your own feet while walking and looking downward.
a huge addition to my immersion and really being in there.

so why are the devs so reluctant to add the block feature in first person ? it was perfectly fine before the combat change and neither the animation nor anything else had to change.
is it so hard for the shield to come up while the camera is attached to the neck ?
if so do it the other way round and give me a free cam i can “stick on the neck”, i would even appreciate realistic rolling of said perspective while dodging.

and while you´re at it, why no first person climp or swim either ?

please make this a reality after all those years.
kind regards

This is information from a livestream done in early 2018, so I dunno if the design philosophy has changed. But first person combat isn’t exactly intended nor supported. They left it as an option for those of us who want to use it. But they said that it would not work well. This is why it is disabled by default.

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