Shield Not Effective

XBbox Series X, SSD, Private Server

Problem? When blocking, there is a often sluggish delay in animation from the time the trigger is pulled until the block is performed. Sometimes, the character does not block at all. Blocking in general is often far less reliable a defense method than just running one handed or two and dodging everything.

Known issues? Blocking does not interrupt attack animations already queued. And while I believe it should, canceling any damage that would be done by those animations, the problem here is that it just doesn’t respond reliably even when no animation is queued.

Possible fixes? Make blocking a priority animation, same with dodging, so that no matter if the character is in an animation chain or not, it’s immediately interrupted for the block or dodge. Increase the responsiveness to make both blocking and dodging happen more reliably when no animation is engaged.

Also, link shield efficiency with agility, allowing more responsiveness out of block and faster attacking with higher agility. Link shield effectiveness with strength, reducing stamina loss with each hit defended. Link shield efficiency with accuracy, allowing players to ‘bounce’ some thrown projectiles back.

Improvements? Add shields which can deflect incoming projectiles, possibly as a legendary perk, possibly back at the attacker.

Add a bash mechanic by heavy attacking while stull blocking for a knockback.

Add a knockdown shoulder charge when you press block off of a sprint.

Please oh please add more shield skins, including basic ones that don’t look like bones or the same round targe.

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