Shield question

I noticed on shields that there is no block rating or chance to block. Are shields just stat items with no function or do they have a passive block rating?

They just add armour. The only way you can “block” attacks is with evasion, and it’s usually so low you shouldn’t worry about it. When tanking, armour is what matters (or protection for magical bosses), and then stats like strength, which adds more armour, hit and crit ratings,… For PvP, your way to “block” attacks is footwork. Confuse your opponent with your movement and they will miss.

Thanks for info…

Or have a better ping than they miss even if they would hit you.

There is active blocking in the game that helps mitigate damage. It’s rarely used except in some pve raid encounters. I’m not sure how stats affect it but the ability is there.

Xsarec, you can also doubleclick Ctrl + 2 if you want your highest defence on overhead/forward attacks.

Ctrl + 1 for left side, Ctrl + 3 for right side.

Or if you want a balanced protection (1 shield on both sides and forward), do Ctrl +4.

You take 20 % more damage on your unguarded side! (your backside)

The thing about Active Block is it reduces your healing received. When I’m low on hp I doubletap sideways for +10% evade and backwards right before an attack for +25% evade.

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