Shield/Stamina changes question

Correct me if I’m wrong but won’t these changes pretty much make the final boss in the Midnight grove pretty much impossible if it wasn’t already with the healing changes? I mean it seems pretty much designed to ignore the thrall and to just wail on the player character who will die very quickly w/o a shield. Given how quickly stamina is now lost when the shield is hit it will be as if you don’t have one in very short order. It’s not like he would give you an opportunity to heal either as given it’s speed it leaves no opportunity to use a potion. I’m not currently in a position to try but I noticed how low I was on shade spice and I know I’m gonna have to go in there as soon as I can get a thrall leveled up and geared for dungeons which made me think of the problems this will likely cause with that boss and any others like it.

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