Shields break at the first impact

Hello, I have an issue, all the shields break at the first impact. So it’s difficult to play, especially with certain bosses. I don’t understand why. Thank you.

edit: I removed all the mods. It’s always the same thing. Even with an elite shield.

Hello and welcome to Conan Exile’s forums.
As you mentioned in mod I deduce that you play be on a private server, dedicates be in solo-coop mode.
Did you check the server’s parameters? It is possible that the sustainability of low silk weapons on your server.

Hello, indeed I am on a private server (G-portal). I am preparing it for the arrival of friends and family. I am in PVE-C. The first line on durability “DurabilityMultiplier” is set to 1. The “ShieldDurabilityMultiplier” line is at maximum 100 (it was for testing). I don’t see any other lines on durability.

Good evening . Revert to the default shields to see if the problem persists.

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Hello. I set ‘ShieldDurabilityMultiplier’ back to 1 by default, but it didn’t work. I tested by adding a reinforcement to a shield, and it held up. Then I tried a normal one, and it broke again. Between content and disillusioned, I tried something I should have done from the beginning. I set the whole server back to default. And miraculously, I now have a shield that doesn’t explode at the first contact. I hope it lasts. Thank you for your help.

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Welcome to the Forum @lolocaf . I have found that Gportal server settings can be counterintuitive for sure. I have made my share of goofs over the past 5 years having a server and so have many others. It is good that you are testing before inviting in your friends and family. Recently realized I increased the decay time for building’s but didn’t for Thralls. My base still there all Thralls gone :cry:just backwards to my plan of rebuilding the base need to correct this. Something I have noticed changes made in Gportal site doesn’t always stick so to speak however some can be changed in game. Good luck Exile :+1:

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