Shift + Del the Frost Temple Forge

Hi, I’m an admin on a private server.

Today I accidentally did a Shift + Del on the Frost Temple Forge and now it’s gone.

Is there anything I can do to get it back that isn’t just wiping the whole server?



Oof I didnt even know that was a thing that was possible. Hopefully you get it sorted. I’m just bumping the up cause I want to know too haha

You should have some backup files that you could use to restore to a previous save. They are stored in the same folder as your game save. You just need to change the name of the back file to “game”. I would suggest making copies of everything you plan to change. Both your game.db file ( game save ) and your backup file.

I didn’t know that was possible either. But I’m gonna try it. Lol. I’m a bit like Denise the Menace I have to push the button and see what happens.

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After reading this again you are talking about the forge located in the frost temple not one from a Mod?

Yep, just confirmed that I was able to do this in single-player. You have to aim at the small metallic box down below, not the larger icy area.

Now to see if restarting the game gets it back…

EDIT: Nope, still gone!

@Ignasi @Hugo This should definitely be reported up the chain as a bug.


I’m glad you tested this on single player LOL.
What is that?
Is that a… meteor.
Awww, dammit. :wink:

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